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Employee Time Tracking Tool with Screenshots

  • Hold Employees Accountable with Random Screen Capture
  • Monitor Worker Activity in Real Time
  • GPS Enabled Location Tracking
  • Daily Work Log Details Employee App Usage & Productivity
  • Access Timesheets Offline
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Revolutionary The Best Time Tracking Tool

Optimize all aspects of your business with Talygen's intuitive time tracking software. Save both time and money by maximizing resources.

Maximize Resources

Working hard or hardly working? Our time tracker helps you know everything that your employees accomplish each day. Therefore, your company can be more productive each day.

Flexible Time Tracker

Users can pause the time tracker anytime they are not working. Once users get back to work, they can restart the time tracker. Employees can input time entries in bulk if they forget to input their time.

100% Accurate Timesheet

Users can choose to manually enter their worked hours or set the timer when they start a new task.

Track on All Devices

Users can also track their time on the go while using Talygen’s mobile app. The mobile time tracking software is available to download on iOS and Android.

Increase Accountability

Talygen’s time tracker increases employees’ accountability by displaying exactly what they have been doing. The time tracker shows how much time was spent on tasks. The screenshot tracker displays metrics such as websites visited, time spent on sites, keystrokes, and mouse clicks.

Employee Monitoring

Managers can use time-tracking reports to accurately pay employees and bill clients for hours worked.

Precise Project Insights

Our time tracking module integrates with our project management module. Through this integration, managers can view how long it takes for team members to complete time-sensitive tasks. Managers can also create reports on how team members track their time.

Features of Time Tracking Tool
  • Comparing Planned Costs and Actual Cost
  • Measuring Employee Performance
  • Intuitive Timesheets
  • Pause/Resume Feature
  • Detailed Reports
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Time Tracking on the Go
  • Auto Detect the Users Time Zone
  • 12/24 hour Format Time capturing
  • Activity Logs
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Set Approval Rules
  • Manual Time Tracking
  • Manually Log Time
  • Calendar View of Tracked Time
  • Generate Invoices based on Time Logs
  • Virtual Users
  • Flag Track Entry
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Time Spent on a Project
  • Report Project Progress
  • Screenshots (via the Desktop App)