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Hiring: Hiring particular applicant among multiple applicants

Talygen can make hiring process a whole lot easier. To view the number of applicants who applied follow the below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > hiring
2. On hiring screen, in job post listing, click on the ‘number of applicants’ of the particular job post.
3. At applicants screen you can view the list of applicants who has applied for the post. To view a particular applicant’s details, click on his/her name in the listing.

4. To download applicants resume click on ‘download resume’ button.
5. To give notes to the applicant, click on ‘Add new note button’ and select the visibility and mention the note in description.
6. To rate the applicant click on ‘Rating’ tab and start rating the applicant.
7. To attach any document to applicant’s profile, click on ‘documents’ tab. Click on browse and upload the file.
8. To hire the applicant, click on ‘hire’ button.

9. Hiring will automatically convert the applicant to user. In the hire pop up screen select the user title, gender & user type. Edit the email id if required and then enter the password. Select the role and click on save to hire the applicant.