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Knowledge Based Article

Add Lead

To create a new lead follow the below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > CRM > Add Leads
2. Click on Add icon.
3. Fill in the required information.

Note –
Lead owner: The lead owner is the user who has bided for the particular project and is in communication with the prospective client. To add a lead owner click on icon and select the user.

4. Click ‘Next’ to add more details.
5. Fill the required information in COMPANY DETAIL tab and click next.

6. To Add ADDITIONAL CONTACT to the lead click on Add Icon.

7. Enter the information and click ‘Save’.

8. To ADD NOTES click on Add Icon.

9. Enter the details and either save as draft or save note.
10. Click Add icon to add FOLLOW UPS.

11. Click ‘Save’ to create the follow up.
12. In the listings, follow up can be edited too.
13. To add any attachment, enter the details and upload the file.

14. Additional Owners

In this section user can add additional owners of the Lead. To add the additional owners, follow the below given steps.

1. Select the additional owners and check mark the permissions to assign him/her.

2. Click 'Submit' to assign additional owners.