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Update Timesheet

This section describes how you can report time on the daily/weekly basis. Since timesheet is available in a weekly format, it makes really easy for the users to enter and view the time. To update weekly timesheet follow the steps given below.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > Timesheet
2. Select the date range, the by default date range is ‘This Week’.
3. Click on ‘Get Timesheet’ button
4. Click in ‘Plus’ icon to add an entry.

5. Select the project and task
6. Enter the start time and end time of the task
7. Total time is calculated as per start and stop time
8. If you are entering per diem, select the expense category
9. Per Diem is the expense allowed per day on the selected category.
10. Click on ‘Save’ to add the entry
11. Checkmark the break, if break is mandatory for you.
12. Click on ‘Send for Approval’ button to submit the timesheet