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Simplest Monitoring Tool for Remote Teams

Talygen is an in-house and off-site employee performance evaluation app. The software makes employee’s life more productive by offering a shared online workspace. A single interface tool on the whole works to take an employee’s overall working journey a success. Whether you talk about collaboration, culture building, employee engagement, performance tracking, and more, leverage Talygen and experience industry-specific results.

Time-wastage in remote work is always the crucial concern of businesses. Talygen helps overcome the challenge by providing a 24/7-time tracker with automated screen monitoring, stealth mode screen capturing, activity monitoring, and more.

The centralized access to employee’s data eases tracking their performance records in minutes. With our one unified platform, the organizations can build trust and promote loyalty among employees. The real-time results of productivity offer an ultimate way to confront employees for their daily performances.

Talygen is a professional world work from home monitoring software that keeps peers connected, provides a customizable dashboard, detailed analytics, auto-alert integrations, and more. The project planning of remote teams is streamlined with Talygen’s remote work monitoring software.

Further, the Talygen features tons of integrations, intuitive digital employee management, remote onboarding, automated calendars, flexible project management, task scheduling, prioritizing, and many other functionalities that provide a powerful and advanced remote work environment with complete security. Everything such as business, employees, projects, operations, and more are managed in a rewarding way with Talygen.

Remote Team Monitoring Software is known for

Online interface, Anyone Can Access Online interface, Anyone Can Access

Remote Work Complexity Manager Remote Work Complexity Manager

Real-Time Virtual Communication Real-Time Virtual Communication

Scalable & Cloud-Based Time Tracking Scalable & Cloud-Based Time Tracking

Role-Based Permission Structure Role-Based Permission Structure

Available on Web, Mobile, Desktop Available on Web, Mobile, Desktop