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Versatile, Online & Updated Remote Employee Tracking Software

Talygen's remote employee monitoring software provides a structured approach to overcome the pitfalls of remote working. It is the most renowned platform that manages employees and businesses. For revamped time tracking, Talygen features unmatched capabilities. Talygen offers robust Android and iPhone apps to streamline the management of remote workers and get them tracked anytime from anywhere.

The Talygen app got updated with the latest features. The fully-featured application runs efficiently with SaaS, cloud, and web applications. Whether users need to manage remote teams, track expenses, generate invoices, create timesheets, track employee's activities, or build smooth communication, Talygen's remote team management software will help companies do it all.

Additionally, the online time and remote employee monitoring software can be manually paused and resumed. Talygen generates a digital record log that users with privileges can easily access. The managers can provide role-based controls to the remote workers and schedule tasks for teams at different locations.

Talygen is a robust and efficient work-from-home employee monitoring software with plenty of integrated features. Direct client billing without any error is the top-most feature that keeps the workflows smooth and strengthens business-client relations. Team members and clients can communicate with each other via various unified communication systems like voice calling, video calling, and instant messaging. Different group chats can be created for different projects. Furthermore, the personalized view selection in Talygen provides the right to every user to get data displayed on a dashboard as required.

Talygen's remote monitoring solution also offers a subscription-based dashboard, customized packages, sliding menu options, easy access to different functionalities, and more. The easy, quick, and efficient asset management with Talygen leads to a more efficient company.

Our remote employee management software handles business needs like remote employee attendance, employee leaves, performance, productivity, and tickets. Clients from various industries can get Talygen for seamless remote team management. The data recorded can be hassle-free and exported in different PDF and Excel formats.

If you are a first-time user, feel free to enjoy a free trial. For more information, visit to speak with a product representative and get a free demo.

Benefits of Talygen's Remote Team Monitoring Software

Work from Home Accountability

On-Demand Real-Time Screenshots

Online Project Time Tracker

Productivity/Unproductivity Data Categorization

Centralized Remote Team Monitoring

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Clear Exchange of Information

Employee Timesheet & Reporting

Automatic Inactivity Check Out

Screenshot Frequency Set up

Remote Location Tracking via GPS

Automatic Remote Desktop Audit