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Talygen offers a robust and innovative online reporting tool. The reporting module empowers businesses to track progress, control expenditures, and increase revenue. It provides a detailed report of inventory for all modules. This business intelligence report tool allows you to view reports for various modules, including ticketing, expense reports, time tracking reports, CRM, invoices, and human resources. These reports allow users to keep track of multiple projects, teams, and profits.

Business Intelligence Reports

With Talygen's business intelligence reports and time tracking spreadsheets, organizations can utilize a technology-driven process of monitoring data and presenting informational details regarding a project’s completed work. Talygen includes various business intelligence reports to track a company’s profitability.

Pre-Defined Reports

Talygen's reporting module offers multiple canned reports. Users can use pre-defined Reports for users, projects, clients, and profitability. Reports can be easily redefined by time duration and other filtering criteria.

Module Specific Reports

Extensive and detailed reports are available for each Talygen module. It provides separate reports for users. Module-specific reports like invoicing, performance review, ticketing, document storage, time tracking, human resources, leaves, approvals, exports, projects, and expense reports are available for users.

Specific Search Criteria

Users can create detailed reports based on various search criteria available to them. The specific search criteria allow users to create focused reports.

Custom Reports

Talygen allows you to create and view custom reports. These custom reports enable users to review and share information related to invoices, employees, vacations, attendance, expenses, projects, and customers.

Export Files

Talygen's reporting module allows clients to easily review, export, and download reports. For export, multiple data formats like CSV, PDF, and XLS are available.

Graphical View

Talygen provides a beautifully rendered graphical representation of all the available reports. Users can easily switch between the listing view and the graphical view.

Quick and Cost-Effective

Talygen's highly innovative reporting module makes the reporting process quick and cost-effective. In addition, detailed reports can be generated and viewed at any time allowing departments to manage operations effectively.

Project Time Tracking Reports

Talygen's project time tracking reports allow project managers to keep track of multiple projects, tasks, and teams. Detailed project reports help managers easily evaluate employee performance and project progress. Furthermore, attendance reports allow managers to track and manage the attendance of their employees.

Features of Report Module
  • Compare Between Current And Planned Project progress
  • Business Intelligence Report
  • Report History
  • Review Progress
  • Graphical Illustration
  • Modules Wise Reports
  • Easily Identify Problematic Areas
  • Quick And Cost-Effective
  • Export Report
  • Sharing Mechanism
  • Track Project Progress
  • Customized Grouping Reports
  • Highlights risk
  • View Work Progress
  • Custom Create Reports
  • Different Search Criteria