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Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Talygen enables businesses to visualize their workforce through customized organization charts. It offers a unique organization chart tool to custom-create your organization’s hierarchical structure and reporting relationships. It renders information in the form of an organizational structure representing users, names, hire dates, employee ID numbers, images, designations, and departments. An up-to-date organizational chart is handy for new employees and can be sent to customers.

Single Page Management

Talygen's online organization chart software displays details about the entire organization on a single screen. Employees can easily view the next person in the chain of command without needing to click or scroll through several data pages. This method saves time and allows employees and other users to easily determine the appropriate person they should reach out to.

Hierarchical Structure

Talygen's organizational chart module illustrates the full reporting relationships of all the company’s employees.

Drag and Drop Labels

When creating an organization chart, authorized users can drag and drop labels. Dragging and dropping labels allows managers to quickly and easily shift a team member to another team. This process can be done for individuals, the entire team, or only a part of the team.

Define Teams

Talygen enables you to define teams added to the hierarchical organization chart. The chart shows the hierarchy of designations in a company or team, such as project manager, director, sales representative, or engineer. It also displays other details like the user’s department, the date of joining, and any other information the managers would like displayed.

Enlarge And Collapse View

Users can stretch and collapse an organizational chart to get a more detailed view. For example, by clicking on a project manager’s name, the expanded view displays the team members working under the project manager. Clicking on the project manager a second time will hide the details of a team member.

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Talygen's organizational chart builder includes zooming in or zooming out as needed. A user can easily enlarge and decrease the size of the organizational chart for a better overall view. It is one of the modules’ most user-friendly features and is especially useful when dealing with a large organizational chart.

View Team

Users can quickly view all team members with the organizational chart module. It provides a full view of the hierarchical structure of the workforce, which represents the relationship between employees.

Features of Organization Chart
  • Single-Screen Representation
  • Inbuilt Search
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Elongate and Collapse
  • Zoom In And Zoom Out
  • Manage Organization Structure
  • Define Teams
  • Clear Representation
  • One Page Management
  • Represents User Details
  • Horizontal and Vertical View
  • Custom Create
  • Hierarchal Structure
  • Define Team Structure