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Hassle-Free and Cost-Efficient Online Applicant Tracking System from Talygen

Irrespective of the size and type of a business organization, hiring and recruitment formalities are always very time, cost, and effort consuming. From posting a job opening to tracking applicants, HR and recruitment staff have to stay on their toes till the very end.

Talygen, a global leader in business automation, offers an advanced and easy-to-use Online Applicant Tracking System, designed and developed to streamline all kinds of hiring and recruitment complexities for all types of business organizations.

The cost-efficient and time-saving Job Portal Software empowers organizations to handle all kinds of hiring needs electronically. Talygen simplifies each and every hiring process, such as Job Posting, Applicant Tracking, Document Management, Job Posting Requisitions, Application Management, and so forth. Also, organizations can configure file upload size for applicants as well.

With automation capabilities for job posting, hiring, and applicant tracking, Talygen's Online Recruitment Software uplifts the idea of eco-friendliness. Applicants and HR officials can access the Online Recruitment Software via the Web, Desktop, and Mobile Application, decreasing the paper usage.

Talygen's enterprise-level Applicant Tracking System integrates features like Job Posting Links, Job Posting Requisitions, and simplified Interview Scheduling, which not only makes hiring and recruitment easier for the employer but for the applicants as well.

Also, Talygen's Job Board Software empowers HR managers to add the feel and vibe of their organization into their Job Board Layouts, as the system integrates advanced Job Board customization capabilities. Managers can easily customize headers, footers, and messages for various openings in their organization.

Apart from all the above-mentioned functionalities, Talygen's Online Applicant Tracking System integrates a lot of other functionalities, such as

Track Job Posts Report Track Job Posts Report

Scheduling Interviews Scheduling Interviews

Customized Design Template of External LinkCustomized Design Template of External Link

Internal/ External/ Hidden Link for Job PostingInternal/ External/ Hidden Link for Job Posting

Job Postings Approval Chains Job Postings Approval Chains

Unique Job Posting Links Unique Job Posting Links

Hassle-Free System Hassle-Free System

Manage Applicants Manage Applicants

Job Postings Reviewers Job Postings Reviewers