Leave Management System

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  • Simplify Attendance Tracking
  • Modify Leave Types & Rules to Align with Company Policies
  • Tailor Policies to Fit Your Needs
  • Customizable Dashboard Delivers a Comprehensive Overview
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Leave Management System

Leave Management System

Employee work productivity is one of the most essential factors in growing a business. Talygen offers the best-in-class Employee Management system that makes it easy to review your employees’ tasks and productivity.

Easily Manage Leaves and Attendance

With Talygen's Leave Management Software, Senior Managers can track team members' attendance and time off. They can manage the working weeks of the members for a particular shift or a location. They can also track team members' in and out times.

Clear Leave Policies

Talygen's Leave Management Software enables organizations to create custom leave types to meet their needs. For example, a special leave type can be created for employees who win an award. Managers can also add accrual-based leave rules per current company policies.

Create Custom Policies Instantly

Managers can view, edit, and upload new policies in this module. These policies are specific to the company and can be customized as needed. Managers or other approved users can upload these policies.

Give Out Vacation Days

A manager can award bonus leaves to specific team members for several reasons. For example, you may decide to give a team member that worked extra hours or days an additional day off. The system helps manage employee attendance and works seamlessly in collaboration with the attendance tracking module.

Advanced Approval System

Talygen's Employee Management Software offers an advanced enterprise-level approval system for hassle-free employee management. The approval system allows approvers to review time, expenses, and leave requests and approve them instantly. The module works on customizable rules, which gives an organization complete flexibility.

Customized Accruals and Carryovers Policies

Depending on the time off policies and local regulations, you might require to allow for accrual and carryover of leave days.

Talygen allows you to set up the carryover policies, and its advanced system automatically tracks and displays the leave balances to both HR and employees.

The automation system eliminates the error of tracking and managing payroll of the manual computation of vacation balances.

Manage Leaves Anytime, Anywhere

Managers can view and approve leaves from Talygen’s mobile app.

Features of Leave Management System
  • Track Attendance
  • Approval System
  • Induction Documents
  • Skill Report
  • Leave Details
  • Message Board
  • Company Holiday
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Feedback Questionnaire
  • Customizable Leave Types
  • Policies
  • Accruals and carryovers
  • Create Goals
  • Event Calendar
  • Set Break Time
  • External Job Boards
  • Passport Information
  • Manage Working Weeks
  • Bonus Leave and Leave Deduction
  • Resignation
  • Leave Types
  • Manage Leave
  • Custom Columns
  • Accrual Leave Type
  • Setup Individual Goals
  • Set Working Day For A User