Discover the Next-gen Automation Technology for your Travel Business with Talygen!

Automation and digitization highly affect modern businesses, and the travel industry is no exception. It becomes crucial to accelerate business operations and reach out to the targeted audience to stay ahead in the competitive and fast-paced marketplace. Every success-driven travel company expects a smooth and streamlined process that helps them improve their customer experience.

Talygen's cloud-based modules assist travel companies in saving time and human resources alongside simplifying and enhancing operations. Talygen is an all-inclusive platform offering powerful solutions to help you meet your objectives, such as CRM, project management, appointment calendars, ticketing, and HR management. The software can deliver a holistic view and add value to operations in different manners;

Helps in Targeting Potential Audiences

Due to seasonal demand in travel audiences, it becomes crucial for travel agencies to target potential audiences. The solution offers a complete 360-degree customer view and generates lead reports in just a few clicks. Our software ensures smooth management of customers, leads, tasks, itineraries, and inquiries.

Simplify Workforce Operations and Management

With Talygen's innovative HR and appointment scheduling software, travel companies can experience seamless workforce management. The HR software allows tracking of employee attendance, Idle time, track time, and performance review, which helps estimate employee productivity accurately.

Deliver Better Customer Experience

With fast and cloud-based functionality, travel companies can simplify their workflow and improve operational efficiency, which results in low turnaround time and fast responses to inquiries. As a result, customers can experience a fast and hassle-free experience.

Higher ROI and Sales

By implementing efficient and modern solutions, like the appointment calendar, CRM, project management, and ticketing, businesses can reduce overhead expenses, save time, and improve operational efficiency with increased sales and revenue.

Travel Case Study

The Challenge

With the development of the tourism industry, customer expectations have also increased. Meanwhile, the travel company felt complications in rendering an effective and efficient traveler experience to meet their expectation with the existing workflow. They used a manual booking process and managed communications via email and messages. As a result, slow customers experience increases the chance of higher back-off. In addition, it was also time-consuming for employees to record and store every detail on paper; if any human error is made, it could ruin the customer experience. There were also the following issues:

  • Difficulty in finding targeted audiences as per seasonal requirements
  • Slow communication and customer interaction via messages and emails
  • Leakage of customer inquiries
  • Long and time-consuming booking and appointment process

The Solution

Talygen assisted the travel company in automating their slow manual process with their future-ready modules. By implementing CRM functionalities, the travel company could determine and target its potential audience based on seasonal demands. Most importantly, it eliminates the tedious paperwork and slow booking process with the advanced Appointment Calendar and ticketing system. With an appointment calendar, travel agents can get real-time details of their employees' availability, bookings, and vacant periods on a single screen. It helps them effectively schedule the right employee and ensure higher workflow productivity. Furthermore, ticketing helped the travel company proactively respond to customer inquiries without any customer Request leakage and improved customer experience. Above all;

  • Get real-time updates on the centralized platform
  • Automation in workflow leads to operational efficiency and better productivity
  • Ticketing ensures proactive communication and customer interaction
  • Easily reach out to potential audiences and maximize paying customers

The Benefits

  • Convenient customer experience
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Easy-to-use and flexible interface
  • Increase efficiency with automated bookings, customer management, and employee management