Optimize your Telecom Experience with Talygen

As new technologies have developed, the telecom industry has faced new challenges. Telecom companies need to connect with their target audiences and deliver services promptly. Likewise, telecom has highly expensive network assets that always need to be secured and tracked in other industries.

Talygen is a highly innovative business automation software suite offering a company-wide CRM solution that helps to maintain better customer relationships. The platform has multiple modules to deal with the telecom industry's core challenges.

Improve Customer Experience

Talygen's CRM system can enhance your customer experience with low lead turnaround time, quick responses to customer inquiries, real-time access to every detail, and much more.

Brings Operational Efficiency

The software's integrated operational management and an advanced cloud-based approach ensure simplified workflow and productivity. The cloud-based solution ensures less human error, low downtime, and more time for core practices.

Single Pane of Glass

Our all-in-one platform manages the entire telecom business from customer details management, asset lifecycle tracking, and reporting and analytics. It doesn't need to deploy additional software to manage each activity individually.

Streamline Secure Telecom Assets and Operations

With Talygen's asset management software, telecom organizations can get real-time updates on network assets and helps to make effective decisions.

Telecom Case Study

The Challenges

As the world has become more connected, the telecom company has felt difficulty in reaching out to its target market. They weren't unable to gather potential leads that their target industry consists of. They had restricted visibility and were reaching fewer clients. In addition, whenever they get potential leads, their slow turnaround time pulls them back.

Now, they want a centralized picture of potential leads so they can efficiently gain opportunities and effective pipeline management. Besides that, the company wants to keep an eye on its network assets and human resources, which both hold a big share of investment for any telecommunication company.

  • Unable to reach target market audience
  • Asset tracking is difficult via Messages and Emails
  • Slow Lead Turnaround Time

The Solution

To address the challenges, the telecom company connected with Talygen and got its best-in-class solutions. Talygen, a well-renowned company with over 19 years of experience in providing software solutions to companies, analyzed the root cause and advised the best possible solution.

By implementing the feature-rich functionalities of CRM, time tracking, and asset management modules, the telecom industry makes their process done easily and gets over the complications. The lead management system allows them to capture, nurture, and distribute leads per their target markets and get maximum paying customers. Talygen's asset management module proved to be the best solution for securing and keeping real-time track of network assets.

  • Introduce asset lifecycle tracking
  • Smart CRM dashboard provides sales cycle updates in real-time
  • Effortlessly track workforce and enhance productivity
  • No leads leakage with CRM

The Benefits

  • Cost-effective Solution for advanced Solution
  • Easily Determine & Reach Targeted Audience
  • Centralized Dashboard for Quick Real-time Updates
  • Simple Yet Powerful Features; No additional training is needed.
  • Increase Leads & opportunity Conversion Rate