IT Infrastructure Industry

Relying entirely on manual and break/fix methodology might seems effective but not long-lasting. In today's ever-evolving marketplace, finding a solution is not enough; but discovering a smart solution can help you stay ahead.

Talygen can assist IT Infrastructure service providers in making necessary asset maintenance and enacting advanced technology and future-proof solutions. Talygen's asset management software offers efficient automation and optimization of IT asset lifecycle management, improving its performance. IT companies can also use Talygen to:

Track and Control Your IT Assets

Users can get complete visibility and control of IT Infrastructure assets. It helps you effectively track and manage all assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Users can also get complete history details and required insights in a few minutes.

Automated Reports and Smart Dashboard

Talygen offers a flexible solution of customized Reports that eliminate your manual workflow and simplify managing accurate IT asset reports. Furthermore, the smart dashboard provides data-rich assets visibility and real-time details on a single screen.

Improve Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

Using a modern approach and automated technology for asset tracking saves time and enhances productivity. Furthermore, it helps in future decisions regarding the sale and purchase of assets by estimating performance and unnecessary spending.

IT Infrastructure Case Study

The Challenges

Being a multinational IT Infrastructure service provider, the IT company believes in serving excellence in their service. But then, the company's IT infrastructure asset management workforce struggled with poor global IT assets visibility. Recently, they could only cover only a third of inventory data that was completely blind spots. In addition, most of the asset management procedures were manual that consumed a considerable amount of time, including asset monitoring, asset data management, and Audit process.

  • The manual process increases human error
  • Consumes unnecessary time and efforts
  • Lack of accuracy in asset tracking

The Solution

The IT company shifted from an on-premises manual approach to Talygen's automated asset management software to overcome these challenges. The software provides streamlined asset lifecycle management, builds a parent-child relationship, manages assets on the go, and a lot more from a single centralized platform. Most importantly, the software allows complete data management online to simplify the Item detection and audit process. Adding Talygen's asset management solution to the IT infrastructure gave the company a seamless tracking and visibility experience of their worldwide IT Infrastructure assets.

  • Go paperless in your IT asset management
  • Enhanced visibility with simple asset tracking
  • Real-time asset status and depreciation management
  • GPS, RFID tracking, and mobile scanning
  • Centralized dashboard for the entire asset management

The Benefits

  • Optimize IT assets' lifecycle
  • Reduce IT expenses
  • Robust IT infrastructure assets tracking
  • Faster and easier platform
  • Time-saving and modern cloud functionality