Keep Your Freelance Projects on Track & Bill Clients Effortlessly with Talygen

In today’s competitive marketplace, freelancers need efficient ways to manage all their projects in one place. However, freelancers have to deal with issues like missed project deadlines, imbalanced schedules, omitted project details, and billing errors. To maintain a strong foot-hold and become a successful freelancer, Proper time management, Accurate Projects Performance, and keeping updated on how much time is getting consumed on each task Project can become the key to success.

Talygen is a business automation software suite that provides freelancers solutions such as time tracking and project management. It helps freelancers to make their every hour count and accurately estimate the productive hours of each project. With powerful project management software, freelancers can actively get the real-time status of every project and get bill clients accurately.

Increase Work Productivity

A freelancer’s life is filled with distractions. However, by using Talygen’s time and screenshot tracker, freelancers can improve their productivity and see how long it takes them to complete tasks.

Accurately Estimate Workflow Efficiency

Freelancers can start a timer while performing any client task, pause for breaks, and stop when the task is completed. In this way, the Talygen time tracker helps you estimate accurate work efficiency and analyze improvement; if needed.

Ensure Error-Free Client Billing

With Talygen’s powerful project management and time tracking solutions, freelancers can identify actual time spent on each project or task. With such precise information, freelancers can ensure highly accurate client quotes and charge by the hours spent on the project.

Freelancer Case Study

The Challenge

While freelancers have a lot of freedom, their jobs come with many struggles. The freelancers faced complex issues while providing their services to various organizations. Going through hectic work schedules, keeping a record of productive time spent on each task was impossible. It also creates a mismatch in client billing hours and has no proof of work to justify consumed time.

  • Inaccurate work-time estimates
  • Unbalanced work schedules
  • Human errors in client billing

The Solution

With the future-proof approach of Talygen’s time tracking software, freelancers could monitor their every second spending on all tasks and track Idle time. The software offers automated timesheets that provide real-time data on how the workflow is distributed and performed. By having efficient and accurate insights, it became easier to estimate the actual hourly rate. In addition, the feature-rich functions of project management software allow freelancers to track multiple projects and their performance on a single centralized dashboard.

  • Track actual workflow productivity
  • Accurately bill clients and get paid faster.
  • Real-time work status with automated screenshot tracking
  • Automated timesheets and real-time data save time
  • Maximize workflow productivity and operational efficiency

The Benefits

  • Effective time management
  • Automation ensures workflow efficiency
  • Provides proof of work
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Less procrastination when every second is getting tracked