Deliver Efficient Enterprise Support at Scale with Talygen

Did you know 70% of customers drop your services because of poor support service? Unresolved issues and unattended experience have been major issues for several enterprises. It is necessary to satisfy customer needs and make them feel noticed to overcome these issues, and make customers feel noticed. Talygen's future-ready discovered ticketing and productivity suite has assisted enterprises in streamlining the customer experience.

Talygen can streamline your support service and let your other staff manage other core workflows. With the Ticketing solution, users can efficiently organize, manage, route, and close ticket requests in an organized, modern process. The software can enhance service accountability with suitable scheduling and faster resolution of their queries. In addition, the feature-rich functionalities of the productivity suite ensure less repetitive and wasteful tasks that can affect business productivity. The software tracks employee time, automates employee attendance, and simplifies operations.

Deliver Personalized Experience

The automated ticketing software makes it easier for the enterprise workforce to track, prioritize, and route tickets to resolve them efficiently. It ensures prevents questions and requests from falling through the cracks with cloud-based functionality. When there is fast resolution and actively attended customer requests, customers will get a better support experience.

Proactive Customer Support Management

Talygen's ticketing solution has built-in advanced functions, offering a complete real-time picture on live dashboards that ensure faster resolution of raised tickets. As any customer raises a ticket, it will instantly show on the smart dashboard and automatically assign the best-suited support executive for the concern.

Improve Workforce Productivity

When everything gets managed on a smart and centralized cloud-based platform, employees don't need to perform manual practices with the risk of human error. Furthermore, the automated software offers an efficient and fast resolution of workflow management. The software automates the management of tickets, reporting, and alerts that improve employee productivity.

Enterprise Desktop and Support Case Study

The Challenges

In today's highly-evolving world, every customer expects fast-paced resolution, and manual solutions cannot meet their expectations. After relying on the traditional approach to render customer support via messages and emails, the enterprise is tired of this slow and clunky process. It not only consumes a lot of time and resources but didn't help to improve customer experience. It couldn't even bear the traffic load that negatively affected our customer experience and productivity. Therefore, the enterprise decided to shift to something easy-to-use and future-ready digital solution.

  • Higher disruptions and customer questions leakage
  • The time-consuming process of tracking and resolving customer questions
  • Low workflow productivity
  • Affect customer experience

The Solution

Talygen is an all-inclusive business automation management software that helped our enterprise to adopt a seamless and structured solution to cater to better customer experience. Enterprises simplify their support service management process with a modern approach and automated Ticketing system functionalities. Since Talygen has been a globally-renowned solution for over 19 years, it provides us peace of mind by improving our operational efficiency and workflow productivity.

  • Real-time ticket alerts on the dashboard
  • Automated solutions for faster resolution
  • Eliminate unattended customers and missed questions troubles
  • Accurately estimate workflow productivity and increase efficiency

The Benefits

  • Reduce time wastage and increase productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Fast and seamless customer ticket management
  • Saves time and effort
  • Lower resolution time for customer service tickets