One-Stop Solution of Expense Tracking for the Banking & Finance Industry

Modern businesses need to take advantage of automated and modern technology, and the banking Industry is no exception. These days, recording expenses on pen and paper is not efficient enough to keep up with the fast-paced business world.

Talygen, a globally-trusted business automation software, helped thousands of banking and finance organizations streamline their expense tracking and management and successfully deliver excellence to customers. The software is developed with a fully-functional and advanced expense tracking solution that can assist effortlessly in tracking, managing, and controlling expenses in minutes.

Desktop and Mobile Accessibility

Talygen’s expense tracking software has built-in advanced desktop and mobile accessibility that allows you to manage your business or customer insights anytime, anywhere, effectively, and on any device.

Manage Bulk Expenses In-minutes

With Talygen, you can easily track and manage in-bulk expenses with few clicks and saves considerable time. It helps you improve operational efficiency in workflow and enhance productivity.

Automated Expense Reports

Users can get online automated expense reports without maintaining long spreadsheets. Most importantly, it eliminates human error and encourages expense tracking and management accuracy. It eliminates the manual pen and paper process and automates your operations, which will help you deliver a fast customer experience.

Banking Industry Case Study

The Challenge

The existing solution did not assist the financial organization in actively tracking expenses and managing them on a daily basis. In addition, employees had to perform manual processes that took a long time. It did not offer any useful insights that could help us to make informed decisions. Most importantly, we could not estimate and get insights into customer spending, monitor their daily expenses, or view the budget process. As a result, our financial organization struggles to retain our existing or new customers. Therefore, we look forward to using a new software solution that simplifies our workflow and provides accurate insights to deliver a better customer experience.

  • Higher chance of human error
  • Time-consuming manual process
  • Inaccuracy in expense and budget management

The Solution

Talygen developed a web-based expense tracking software for the banking and finance Industry that helps them track and manage their expenses. The software enabled users to get online expense reports without tedious manual processes. Talygen has built-in advanced functionalities, offering seamless mobile accessibility that users can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Users can categorize expense types on the centralized dashboard, track expenses and income, and easily manage daily or monthly budgets in minutes.

Useful features such as Automated Expense Reports, Bulk Expense Entries, and Data-rich presentations provide a fast and best customer experience.

  • Ensure accuracy in expense reports
  • Streamlined automated process
  • Easy to use and cost-effective solution
  • Detailed and data-rich expense reports

The Benefits

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Simplify expense management and budget control
  • Eliminate the tedious manual process
  • Flexible mobile app accessibility