Driving Efficiency for this
Industry-leading Automotive Marketplace

Like any other industry, the automotive marketplace has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Renowned business automation software providers like Talygen have continued to accelerate businesses with technology and a modern approach. The platform has multiple modules that help make the automotive industry more streamlined and productive.

Ensure Maximum Leads Conversion

Track potential leads and ensures quality conversion with Talygen's CRM system. The software captures, nurtures, and distributes your leads to maximize revenue. In addition, it can help you gather customer details and build a better relationship in the long run.

Maintain Employee Productivity

Talygen's time-tracking software allows you to count every minute spend by your workforce. It keeps you updated with every real-time update of your employees. The software features screenshots, webcams, and live screen capture to increase your employees' productivity.

Streamline Field Service Operations

Our field service management software allows you to schedule your workforce with automated scheduling and better manage your work orders. Furthermore, the software allows you to access technician tracking, video tracking, and much more to maximize operational efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Asset and Inventory Tracking

Talygen's asset management solution has made it simpler to track a complete picture of the inventory or supplies from different locations. It uses barcode technology and mobile app accessibility to keep your details secure and accessible anytime on your smartphone.

Automotive Case Study

The Challenges

The automotive company has faced problems with custom CRM solutions and basic asset management. Having multiple dealerships across different cities and countries complicates managing with custom CRM and asset management solutions. Therefore, the automotive company wants to upgrade from custom solutions and wants to track real-time inventory status, sales, purchase orders, digital signatures, payment modes, easy access to customer details, and use a lead management system.

The automotive company works globally with remote dealers but cannot track their productivity and work status via messaging or email.

  • Complicated customer data management
  • Unable to track real-time assets and inventory status
  • Difficult to track remote workforce

The Solution

With Talygen's multiple modules, the automotive company has successfully dealt with root-cause that ensure workflow efficiency and better operations management. The cloud-based CRM assists them in rendering a better customer experience. From capturing potential leads and tracking sales to securely managing customer details on a centralized dashboard, Talygen has given its best service. In addition, the feature-rich asset management software allows the company to get real-time inventory status that helps employees make profitable decisions for the firm. Throughout the entire well-managed process, everything is managed online instead of having to keep track of paperwork. Other features include;

  • Easy to deploy with a user-friendly interface
  • Support digital payment gateways
  • Seamless employee time tracking
  • Real-time field inventory management

The Benefits

  • Less reliance on paperwork
  • Reduce costs by simplifying operations
  • Centralized monitoring of multi-location inventory
  • Streamline sales and purchase process
  • Fast and efficient field service operations