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Q What is the minimum number of users I can subscribe to? There is no minimum number of users; you can start with just one license.

Q I am already using an ERP solution. Can I import that data into Talygen? Yes, you can share the existing data with us and we can import it into Talygen for you. We can also guide you to import the data by yourself.
Note: Additional charges may be applicable based on the work effort required for the migration.

Q Can I migrate data from other applications to Talygen? Yes, data from other applications can be imported, and our team can help with the migration.
Note: Additional charges may be applicable based on the work effort required for the migration.

Q I want to have a look into your solution. Do you offer a free trial? Yes, Talygen offers a free trial. We can chat with you to learn about your requirements and set up a free trial for you accordingly, or you can get the trial directly from the website.

Q I have subscribed to a free trial, will my card be charged for it? No, the provided card is not charged until the free trial ends. Once the free trial ends, the card will be charged automatically based on the selected packages.

Q I want to unsubscribe before the trial ends. How can I do that? Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time from the Talygen account if you go to manage subscription under company setup and click on the 'Deactivate Account' Button. Or you can also email us directly at before the trial ends.

Q I have an account with Talygen; how can I add/remove licenses? You can go to manage subscription under company setup and click on the 'Upgrade/Downgrade' Button.

Q I have an account with Talygen, how can update my credit card details? Go to manage subscriptions under the company setup and click on the "Update Card Information" from the Payment Information tab.

Q I have an account with Talygen; I want to check my payment history and download the invoices. How can I do that? Go to manage subscriptions under the company setup. From the Payment History tab, you can see all your past payments and download their invoices.

Q Can I purchase multiple licenses for my employees? Yes, you can purchase as many licenses as you want and in any combination of packages you need.

Q How can my employees learn to use Talygen? Talygen is an easy-to-use and user-friendly solution. There is a self-help section in the account containing User Manuals, Tutorial Videos, Setup Guides, User Guides, and Tour Guides. We also conduct a training program for your employees to learn more about Talygen.

Q Who would own my data? Is it secure? Talygen is a cloud-based solution; all of your data is fully secured in our data center. It is fully encrypted, so only you have access to it.

Q What are your support plans? Talygen provides different support plans to timely handle and resolve your queries:
1. Standard Support Plan: Free
2. Gold Support Plan: Contact us to know the cost.
3. Platinum Support Plan: Contact us to know the cost.

Q How much storage would I get with Talygen? With Talygen, you get 1 GB of storage per license by default. You can buy additional storage at an additional cost.

Q Does Talygen provide integration? Talygen is already integrated with multiple third-party solutions like Twilio, Trello, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc. We can also integrate with third-party solutions as long as they provide APIs to integrate. There would be an additional cost based on the work effort required.

Q I don't want to give all of the privileges to my employees. How can I do that in Talygen? Talygen is a User Type-based solution in which your admins, managers, and end users will have different access. You can apply roles on top of that to restrict users from accessing specific screens.

Q Since it is a cloud-based solution, what if somebody hacks my sensitive information? Talygen understands the privacy and security of your data is of the utmost importance. To this end, we have deployed a world-class enterprise-grade security infrastructure to protect your data. Our servers are secured using state-of-the-art firewalls and end-point protection which auto-detects and proactively remediates the majority of threats. Data is encrypted with 256-bit military-grade TLS 1.2 encryption which ensures the safety of your data while it is in transit, at rest, or in use.

Q What is the pricing model of Talygen? Talygen's cost is license-based. So, it charges per user/ license/month.
We have annual packages available where you can get a considerable discount.
Visit this link to know more:

Q I want to purchase licenses in bulk. Can I get an additional discount? Yes, we can offer an additional discount on the Volume license purchase. Please get in touch with us directly at for more information.

Q Which OS is required to use Talygen? Talygen is a SaaS solution that can be accessed on any device using any HTML5 compatible browser. Talygen provides desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac. We also have a mobile application available for Android and iOS phones.

Q How can I export my data? Talygen offers multiple formats for exporting data through Excel, PDF, Word, CSV, etc.

Q How can I access my data after my trial expires? Please get in touch with us directly at for more information. Our team will work with you directly to share the required data.

Q Does Talygen offer a separate account for client/customer login? Yes, Talygen offers a separate client account.

Q Is there any additional charge for the client account? No, there is no additional cost for the client account. It is included in your license cost.

Q Is Talygen HIPAA compliant? Yes, Talygen is a HIPPA-compliant solution that helps you secure and control data while enabling users to be productive.