Comprehensive Event Management System

Google Calendar Integration Multiple Venue Management Event Budgeting Streamlined Complete Ticket Sales Tracking Event Management Project Tracker Social Media Integration for Promotion Invite Clients and Team Members Easily Gantt Chart for Graphical Representation


Simplify Management for All Your Conferences, Occasions, Meetings, Parties, and so forth with Talygen

Event management software allows managers and organizers to streamline each and every process involved in conducting an event, meeting, party, conference, and so on. Talygen's comprehensive Event Management Software allows users to seamlessly manage all kinds of occasions, centrally from a single intuitive platform. Using this event management module, managers can strategize, organize, manage, track, customize, and promote all kinds of occasions without any hassle at all.

Managers and admins can manage a lot of different venues at different locations easily. They can either create multiple venues for the same location or various venues for different locations, as per their needs. Managers can also create layouts for different venues in customized formats. These layouts help the managers, as well as the attendees, to have a clear view of their seating arrangement.

Talygen also allows users to easily integrate Google Calendar into their Event Management System so that they can easily share events with different users. Also, the module allows managers to track each and every sub-task involved in the complete event management process. Managers can track the schedule, as well as the time taken to complete all the scheduled sub-tasks from the event management software itself.

Managers and organizers can send an event invite to different team members and clients in just a few clicks. The system provides them functionalities to review the availability of all the invitees from one single interface. Also, promoting events on social media platforms becomes very easy with ready-to-use integrations from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each and every change made in the event on the Event management system will reflect on the social media platforms as well.

Some of the other major functionalities include budget tracking, permission setting, recurring event management, employee calendar, and in-build event calendar.

Major Features of Talygen's Event Management Solution includes

Event Management According To Day, Week And MonthEvent Management According To Day, Week And Month

Social Media Integration Social Media Integration


Sales Tracking Sales Tracking

Google Events Google Events

Event Management Project Tracker Event Management Project Tracker

Graphical Representation with Gantt Chart Graphical Representation with Gantt Chart

Recurring Event Management Recurring Event Management

Employee Calendar Employee Calendar