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Let Talygen Helps You Revitalize Your Performance Review and Appraisal Process

Performance management is a key not only to employee’s growth, however effective employee performance management is the ladder to organizational growth as well. Undoubtedly, going through thousands of review sheets for each employee takes time, efforts, and eventually increases the turnover rate due to decisions taken by managers with the possibility of inaccuracies.

The concept of analyzing and evaluating performances is not new, but the introduction of the latest employee performance review software like Talygen has simplified the alignment of individual goals with organizational objectives, reviewing onsite and remote employee’s performance, tracking quality of tasks, and determining the capabilities.

The performance management lifecycle is a combination of steps such as planning performance assessment, identify employee learnings, regular follow-ups, and establishing improvement plans. Talygen’s performance review tool delivers 24/7 support and continuous performance management services to put light on the performances of employees, drive engagement, and improve output.

With Talygen’s performance review software, any business and individual can effortlessly strengthen relations with employees by providing timely updates about their good and poor performances. The modern performance review solution by Talygen offers a platform for both managers and employees to participate and exchange views.

A performance review and appraisal in Talygen automatically syncs the daily productivity data with the performance review system and helps managers to evaluate what employees have performed so far. Talygen is a simply designed review tool that features an interactive user-interface, multiple reviewer chains, a set of pre-defined questions, and entire data at one location.

Top Benefits of Employee Performance Appraisal Software

Foster Productive Environment Foster Productive Environment

Effective Paper-Less Reviews & Appraisals Effective Paper-Less Reviews & Appraisals

Customized Review Forms & Templates Customized Review Forms & Templates

Objective-Based and Relevant Feedback Objective-Based and Relevant Feedback

Automated Online Reporting SystemAutomated Online Reporting System

Time-Efficient & Robust Review System Time-Efficient & Robust Review System

Ease to Identify Strengths & Weaknesses Ease to Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

Real-Time Reviews Increase Accountability Real-Time Reviews Increase Accountability

Ease to Build Performance Development Strategies Ease to Build Performance Development Strategies