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The online time tracker not just track hours, it serves multiple purposes and helps in evaluating the overall performance of employees, teams, and departments. Flexibility in work from home is the biggest benefit, however, it has some cons as well. The misuse of office equipment, wastage of time, harm to confidentiality are the most common things that pushed businesses to try out automated employee management software.

Talygen is the leading online employee time tracking software that meets every user’s expectations and increases the organizational & employee’s efficiency. The remote employees’ productivity traceability with Talygen is error-free. Work optimization is highly necessary to distribute the workload smartly and get the work done efficiently from specialized resources.

The manual and offline time tracking, computer-based activity monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and more functionalities simplify the entire employee cycle. In small, medium, and large businesses getting insights about every individual’s performance is highly essential. The usage of employee management software by Talygen is not restricted to getting the best candidate, apart from the software enables businesses to set clear objectives, boost communication, recognizing employees, etc.

The powerful employee timekeeping system helps employees be real, builds relations with remote employees, reduces confusion to help teams prove their worth, and set an example. Forcing employees to work often leads to conflicts, dissatisfaction, turnovers, and hinders employee productivity.

Talygen ensures to skyrocket the team’s contribution, performance, business sales, and revenue. It enables the clients as well to track the deliverables hassle-free. With the best employee task and activity tracking software in place, you can make remote work more enjoyable and visible.

Top Features of Employee Management Software

Ease to Create Recurring Tasks

Transparency in Resource Scheduling

Efficient Employee Attendance Tracking

Roles-Based Access Control

Custom Progress Reports

Leave Requests Calendar View

Automated Leave Approval System

Virtual & Physical Employee Training

Fair-minded Employee Reviews

Unlimited Tasks and Employees Monitoring

Multiple Reviewers in Sequential/Non-Sequential Chains