Cloud-Based Document Storage

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Cloud-Based Document Storage

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Talygen offers cloud-based document storage for desktop and mobile. The cloud-based storage system integrates with Microsoft's Azure Cloud Service so users can share documents with their team members and clients. Talygen integrates with Box, DropBox, and Google Drive. The storage system allows users to access previous versions of documents.

Smart, Secure Sharing

Share files directly from the interface, giving guest access for recipients to download files over a secure connection. Set the recipient's permissions, file/folder expiration, and the notifications you would like to receive regarding the shared files.

Integrate with Third-Party Storage Systems

Talygen integrates with Box, DropBox, and Google Drive. All your folders and files will be visible in Talygen, and you can delete or modify them from within Talygen without logging into your cloud storage account.

File Sharing

Team members can save important files in a shared folder. Users can retrieve these files anytime, enabling an easy file-sharing process between team members.

Unlimited Folders

Talygen's cloud-based document storage allows users to create unlimited folders in the system. These folders are secure at all times.

Backups of Files

Talygen's advanced cloud-based storage system allows users to save multiple versions of files. Previous versions of files can be retrieved at any time.

Manage Cloud Storage

Talygen's advanced document storage system allows managers to divide and allocate storage for screenshots, files, and documents for Team members. Managers can also view information about the consumed storage space.

Personalized Storage Space for Team Members

Talygen's cloud-based document storage allows managers to provide online shared storage space for their team members. Team members can securely store files that can be shared with clients and other team members.

Grant Guest Access to Files

Send file requests to clients and other outside parties, granting them access to rename and upload specific files on any folder automatically.

Assign Storage Space to Clients

Talygen allows managers to allocate storage space to clients. Clients can allow team members working on a project to access uploaded files. Clients can also access a project to view uploaded files.

Folder And File Preview

Talygen's cloud-based document storage system allows team members to access previews of files and folders. It offers a traditional tree view to view folders and files.

Easily Accessible

Talygen lets users save any document or file on the cloud and access it from any device. The files saved on the cloud are secured and have backup files.

Features of Document Storage Module
  • Manage Cloud Based Storage Space Allocation
  • File Sharing
  • Documents Backup
  • Multiple File Versioning
  • Hassle-Free Admin and Management
  • Divide Storage Space between Users
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Client Storage Space
  • Controlled Online Shared Storage Space
  • Secured Backups While Transferring Files
  • Configure File Size
  • Users Personal Access
  • Preview of Folders and Files