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Cloud Based Comprehensive Storage Solution for Enhancing Productivity

Cloud computing has been around for a while now and markets are packed with a lot of different options for Cloud Based Storage Solutions. Talygen offers a comprehensive and innovative cloud based online storage solution for all kinds and sizes of organizations.

With powerful integrations from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Service, Talygen empowers admin, managers, and employees to share documents with their teams or even to the clients in just a few clicks. The system also allows users to integrate different third-party accounts, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box into their Talygen Cloud Based Storage System software.

This Online Shared storage system allows users to access documents and files from anywhere in the world at any time and from any device they want. Talygen also empowers managers and admins to easily allocate personalized storage spaces to all their employees, as well as clients, for storing important files and documents. The team member or clients will have a personal access to the allotted space and can also securely share their stored files with others easily.

The intuitive and easy to use Cloud Based Storage allows users to seamlessly manage their cloud storage seamlessly. Managers can divide and monitor each and every bit of online storage space for different types of data, such as Screenshots, files, and documents. Managers also get detailed information about their used, free, and allotted storage spaces in the software itself.

Talygen’s Online Shared Storage System also empowers users to save and retrieve previous versions of all their cloud stored files effortlessly. Talygen also offers a lot of other major functionalities in its Cloud based storage solution, such as Creating Unlimited Folders, Easy File Sharing, Folder & File Preview, Secured File Backups While Transferring Files, and Hassle-Free Management as well.

Top Features of Talygen’s Online Shared Storage System

Secured Backups While Transferring FilesSecured Backups While Transferring Files

Configure File SizeConfigure File Size

Manage Cloud Storage Space AllocationManage Cloud Storage Space Allocation

Documents Backup Documents Backup

File Sharing File Sharing

Hassle-Free Admin and Management Hassle-Free Admin and Management

Client Storage Space Client Storage Space

Divide Storage Space between Users Divide Storage Space between Users

Users Personal Access Users Personal Access

Preview of Folders and Files Preview of Folders and Files