Appointment Calendar

Accelerate Your Scheduling Process

  • Schedule Services for Appointments
  • Seamlessly Create Slots for Services
  • Integrates With Online Payment Methods
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Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar

Talygen's appointment scheduling system makes scheduling and managing appointments more efficient. It uses a simple calendar view that plans and manages all scheduled meetings. The scheduler creates customized web pages, which clients can use to schedule appointments online. Users receive notifications every time a client makes an appointment.

Manage Customer Appointment List

Users can seamlessly create a list of clients with scheduled appointments. They can then easily update and manage these records.

Integrate With Online Payment Methods

Talygen's appointment calendar tool integrates with multiple online payment gateways. It provides a seamless and secure payment experience by allowing users to get paid by their clients. The system instantly generates receipts.

Allow Clients to Accept Appointments with External Links

Talygen offers external links, which can be modified and customized to meet the organization's requirements. Users can send external links to clients or coworkers. Clients can schedule appointments through the external link. After clicking on the link, users are taken to the app interface.

Schedule Services for Appointments

Users can create services and set time slots for customers. Different services can be created to meet user requirements. An unlimited amount of services can be created.

Schedule Recurring Services

Users can also schedule recurring services in the appointment calendar app. These recurring services are repeated based on a set time interval.

Seamlessly Create Slots for Services

The online appointment calendar allows users to create time slots for appointments. Time slots can be set for a specific time interval. These can be split into multiple appointments, so clients can choose the time that works best for them.

Schedule Courses for Clients

Talygen can also be used to schedule courses for users and customers. A course is a combination of services available for customers.

Allow Customers to Schedule Appointments

Users can create specified time slots for appointments. Clients can then choose from available time slots to schedule an appointment. Users can create time slots for any time interval on a specific day.

Features of Appointment Calendar Module
  • Define And Schedule Services
  • Client Login
  • Recurring Services
  • Create External Link
  • Data Security On Cloud
  • Set Slots For Scheduled Services
  • Calendar View
  • Easy Setup System
  • Manage External Links
  • Quick And Cost Effective
  • Multiple Online Payment Methods
  • Schedule Courses
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Manage Customer List
  • Appointment Management