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Talygen Improves Quality of Remote Team Management

Which remote employee monitoring software is the Best choice for my business? Well, Talygen is the best answer to all your queries. It is a powerful Software-as-a-Service platform for managing virtual teams. Keeping in mind the needs of employers for supervising remote workers, a team of experts at Talygen put together advanced features and functionalities and developed a business management automation tool.

Talygen made getting teams on track easier for all-sized businesses. Be it task management, time management, cloud storage, security, and team collaboration, this all-in-one remote employee monitoring software tool streamlines managing dispersed´┐Żteams and projects at a single point in time.

Our modernized tool is capable of providing flexibility to managers to track the time and performance of teams while being away from the office. Undoubtedly, a remote working environment is full of challenges for both employees and employers. The employers face the challenges of organizing business data, identifying who fails to meet productivity goals, generating error-free time reports, scheduling resources and projects, and fixing meetings with remote staff.

On the other hand, the employees at remote locations fail to set the right goals without the guidance of managers and supervisors. Therefore, Talygen is the best remote employee monitoring software that ensures to overcome every challenge and make the work from home a delightful experience.

The managers can check the performance records for specific time intervals to make sure the productivity levels are as per expectations. Remote working is on the rise and Talygen can surely help your business in remote team management.

Features of Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Automated Employee Screen Tracker Automated Employee Screen Tracker

Easy Breakdown of Complex Projects Easy Breakdown of Complex Projects

Crystal Clear Productivity Graphs Crystal Clear Productivity Graphs

Accurate & Real-Time Time Tracking Accurate & Real-Time Time Tracking

Automatic Screenshot Notification Automatic Screenshot Notification

Activity & Productivity Level Reporting Activity & Productivity Level Reporting

One Single Management Dashboard One Single Management Dashboard

Centralized Remote Desktop Management Centralized Remote Desktop Management

Unified Communication Channels & Collaboration Unified Communication Channels & Collaboration