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Online Time Tracking Solution for Your Thriving Business

Are you searching for the best time tracking software for your startup or enterprise? Your search ends here! Talygen’s versatile time tracking solution gives your business the benefit of working with the latest time tracking technology.

With Talygen’s time tracking solution, you get the advantage of meeting all your deadlines and a lot more possibilities that help you refine your business process. For instance, you can track employees’ total time spent on a particular task, maintain reports, help employees manage overtime, leaves, generate invoices, and a lot more.

Online time tracking software is easy to install and use. Above all, you only need an internet connection with a compatible browser. These wireless clocks are synchronized with remote servers that provide you with an all-in-one solution to all your time tracking needs.

Additionally, Talygen’s time clock solution makes your business operation much easier to operate. It is fast, accurate, easy to use, and tracks your employees' every move — a perfect time tracking solution for your organization.

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Key Features of Time Tracking Solution

Flag Track Entry Flag Track Entry

Offline Time Tracking Offline Time Tracking

Track Project Progress Track Project Progress

Screenshots capturing (via the Desktop App) Screenshots capturing (via the Desktop App)

12/24 hour Format Time capturing 12/24 hour Format Time capturing

Activity Logs Activity Logs

Bulk Time Entry Bulk Time Entry

Detailed Reports Detailed Reports

Time Tracking on the Go Time Tracking on the Go

Auto Detect as per User’s Time ZoneAuto Detect as per User’s Time Zone

Intuitive Timesheets Intuitive Timesheets

Flag And Track Entries

Highlight Incorrect Time Entries

Talygen is equipped with a comprehensive online time tracking tool. Clients and managers can easily highlight suspected or incorrect time entries by flagging them. Managers can later monitor flagged entries and input their comments regarding what needs to be reviewed or modified.

Bulk Time Entry

Enter Multiple Time Entries at Once

It is natural to once in a while miss recording a time entry? No problem! Talygen’s employee time tracking tool allows users to enter unlimited time entries in bulk. This certainly reduces the time consuming process of entering time entries one at a time. Company Admin can enter bulk time entries for the entire organization at once. Also, Project Managers can enter bulk time entries for the entire team.

Flexibility in Time Tracking

Track Time Anywhere with the Mobile App

Talygen is also available as a mobile application that allows users to track time online from anywhere and anytime. Our app is readily available on all the leading mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Now managers and employees have the flexibility of tracking time from any place and any device.

Manual Time Tracking

A Flexible Time Tracker

Talygen's User-friendly project time tracking software offers multiple time entry options. Manual time tracking is also one of them which allows users to track time while working on a project. They can also manually enter their time and submit it for approval.

Pause/Resume Tracker

Pause the Timer during Breaks

Talygen's online time tracker has a unique feature that allows a user to pause and resume the timer at any time. They can pause the timer if they have other priorities and restart it when ready to resume work. This ensures that employees' time is tracked only for working hours, not for non-working hours.

Offline Time Tracking

Track Time Software without an Internet Connection

Have you lost your internet connection due to some technical interruptions? Don't worry at all! Talygen's time tracking software provides offline time tracking tools which enables screenshots to be captured in offline mode. Once the user gets back online, Talygen synchronizes and uploads any offline entries and updates them on the cloud. This feature is also available with the Talygen desktop application.

Time Tracking According To Time Zone

Track Time Anywhere across the Globe

Talygen's online time tracker allows users to track time online in any time zone. When a user logs in with a different time zone, they receive a notification asking their choice of choosing between the default and current time zone. A time zone can also be selected at the time of registration. If user goes out of their default time zone, they can easily update the app to reflect their current time zone.

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