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How to create custom report?

In this section custom report is created. If the standard reports do not meet your requirements, you can create specific focused reports here and share them with the users. To create a custom report, follow the below given steps.

For an instructional demonstration video click here.

1. Go to Full Menu > custom reports
2. On custom report screen, click on ‘add report’ icon.

3. Enter the report name.
4. Select the status and category.
5. Click on ‘column’ tab. Then select the columns from the available columns and click on arrow to move it to selected columns. To delete selected columns, select it and click on back arrow.

6. To add a calculated column, click on add calculated column button. Select the columns and enter expression, then click on verify to check if the expression is correct or incorrect.
7. Click on ‘save’ to create the calculated column.
8. Click on filter tab. To set search filters for the report, checkmark the required filters.

9. Click on ‘Group’ tab. At group tab screen, select the grouping criteria and click on arrow button.
10. Click on sharing tab to set the sharing of report. Now select the user type and users, with whom you want to share the report.
11. Lastly click on ‘save’ to create the custom report.