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Tailored Remote Employee Monitoring Solution for All Industries

The popularity of Talygen is rising with the growing business needs. The SaaS-based web application is designed and developed aiming to provide advanced, easy-to-use, customizable, and online remote employee time tracking solutions. Undoubtedly, digital technologies are paving the way to securely access remote desktops from remote locations using smart devices.

Talygen fully supports the businesses through their journey of monitoring remote staff, generating fair payroll, optimizing workload, tracking computer activities, and more.

In a couple of years, Talygen has successfully integrated its simple time tracker with systems like advanced productivity tracker, project management, real-time communication, asset management, and more to create a seamless remote work monitoring experience and manage the complete employee lifecycle.

Talygen's modern integrations allow employees to effortlessly connect with third-party clouds and on-premises applications for instant sharing, storage, and data access. It offers every user the ability to control the processes from their web, desktop, and mobile devices.

The single platform application offers immense flexibility to track billable hours, raise & resolve support tickets, manage leaves/attendance, build approval systems, and a lot more. Our remote team monitoring software distinguishes itself as it maintains unlimited users, projects, remote teams, business operations, reporting, collaborations, all in one place. The performance and reporting issues are resolved with Talygen's automated tracking and timesheet creation.

Without Talygen, remote employee tracking can never be so effortless! It is developed with a unique technology stack and features to catch up with remote employee's productivity, system misuse, and unauthorized authentication issues.

To help businesses compete in the age of remote work, Talygen leverages its prowess to build 24/7 connectivity with far located employees.

Talygen provides real-time and online information about what's going on across every remote location. At a point of use, our business management automation software offers simple and robust functionalities beyond tracking.

Your business can experience out-of-box work from home employee monitoring without straining expenses and remote assets.

For future-proofing remote workforce retention, Talygen is the right move! Watch the demo right here and learn how Talygen can help you.

Key Highlights of Talygen's Remote Team Monitoring Software

Analytics & Visualizations Analytics & Visualizations

Easy & Efficient Communication Easy & Efficient Communication

Remotely Access Live Motion Data Remotely Access Live Motion Data

Easy Conversion of Raw Data into Knowledge Easy Conversion of Raw Data into Knowledge

Speed up and Improve Decision MakingSpeed up and Improve Decision Making

Speed up and Improve Decision MakingAccurate Performance Review & Appraisal