Intuitive and Feature-Rich Resource Scheduling Solution

Schedule in Detail Smart Task Distribution Schedule Work for Off Days Review Resource Availability Easily Drag to Reschedule Task Assigning Tasks to All Resources Schedule on Per Day or Hourly Basis


Seamlessly Schedule and Manage Resources

Talygen's Resource Scheduling Software is designed for the organization looking to bring more transparency, visibility, and productivity in their business operations.

The software allows managers and organizations to seamlessly schedule their resources in a much more productive and flexible manner. With robust features like Alternative Screen, assigning and re-assigning tasks becomes very easy for all kinds of managers and organizations.

Talygen offers a lot of functionalities to not only help businesses plan their projects for on-time delivery but it also allows them to boost the overall productivity of their workforce in the long run.

The software offers flexibility in assigning and scheduling tasks to multiple team members easily from a common interface. The admins can also check the availability of each and every employee in real-time.

Using this software, organizations can improve the overall transparency of their workflow to help the team better understand and interpret the goals, ideas, and requirements of a project.

The software allows them to stay ahead of deadlines with a lot of industry-best functionalities, such as Seamlessly Task Assignment, easy drag & drop functionality to reschedule tasks and resources, create a visual plan for the smart distribution of tasks, and so forth.

Eliminate the possibility of any kind of hassle during the progress of a project with Talygen’s intuitive Resource Scheduling Solutions. The module offers features and tools to adjust time slots, resources, workforce, and tasks in real-time without interfering with the on-going workflow of a project.

Top Features of Resource Scheduling
  • Schedule Shift Wise
  • Drag To Reschedule
  • Email Notification For Task
  • Set Off Days Working
  • Schedule Resources On Projects & Tasks
  • Schedule Multiple Resources/ Users At A Time
  • Add/Assign A Task
  • Schedule For Specific Hours
  • Schedule Shift Wise
  • Check Time Availability
  • Alternative Screen To Assign Task

Easily Track Time On Any Device & Make Smarter Business Decisions