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Streamline Storing and Sharing of Documents with Talygen's Online Shared Storage

Transform your complete file management setup and business productivity with Talygen's enterprise-grade and cost-effective Cloud Based Storage system. The global leader in business management automation services, Talygen, empowers business organizations of all different types and sizes to easily share, store, and access files from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, via any kind of device.

Talygen's intuitive Cloud Based Storage system integrates Microsoft's Azure Cloud Service that allows users to effortlessly share files and documents with team members, as well as with clients. Also, the service integrates other cloud based storage systems like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive for easy document management and enhanced accessibility.

Also, in addition to sharing and storing documents, Talygen's intuitive Online Shared Storage system integrates a number of future-proof features, such as Versioning System for Backup, which allows users to save multiple versions of a file for maintaining edit history.

Talygen's state-of-the-art Online Shared Storage solution allows managers and admins to easily divide and allocate storage space for different kinds of files, such as screenshots, to all team members effortlessly. Managers can also view all the details related to the consumer and available storage space.

Enhance your work collaboration capabilities with integrated features like Client Space Storage which enable you to allocate online shared storage space to your clients as well. Also, other incorporated, productivity-enhancing features like Tree View Folder Preview, Seamless Accessibility, Unlimited Folders, Shared Online Storage, and Personalised Storage Space Access allow users to easily leverage the power of cloud based document storage for boosting their productivity.

Some of the other major features of Talygen's Cloud Based Document Storage module are

Hassle-Free Admin and Management Hassle-Free Admin and Management

Configure File Size Configure File Size

Controlled Online Shared Storage Space Controlled Online Shared Storage Space

Secured Backups While Transferring Files Secured Backups While Transferring Files

File Sharing File Sharing

Documents Backup Documents Backup

Users Personal Access Users Personal Access

Preview of Folders and FilesPreview of Folders and Files

Enterprise-Grade Integrations Enterprise-Grade Integrations

Applications for Desktop, Website and Mobile Users Applications for Desktop, Website and Mobile Users