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Web-based Automatic Employee Tracking Solution from Talygen

Automating employee management is crucial to any organization’s success these days. Hence, integrating time tracking with projects and tasks should be on priority. Talygen offers a simple-to-use project time tracking software with precise time tracking functionalities for all kinds & sizes of businesses.

This user-friendly time tracking tool is easily accessible from all kinds of different devices. Talygen's cross-platform project time tracking software is designed to be used by businesses, employees, and freelancers of all kinds in all the different time zones around the world.

Talygen's online time tracker provides a rich amount of flexibility to administrators and business managers in keeping track of their remote teams and in gaining insights into their productivity via detailed reports that are automatically generated in the software based on employee’s locations and time zone.

Filling out timesheets manually is not only tiring but also increases the chances of errors & accounting mistakes. However, Talygen's cloud-based project time tracking software is easy-to-use and enables employees to be completely accurate with their time tracking logs.

The time entries in each employee's recorded logs depict the total time tracked for a particular project or task with a lot of detailing and precision. Talygen's automated time tracking solution provides a collaborative platform for remote and distributed teams. The real-time employee time tracking tracker, accompanied by multiple collaboration features streamlines the entire workforce management.

Tracking the working hours of multiple employees is painful to an extent if you are not having any reliable time tracking tool. Irrespective of your niche, Talygen provides an intuitive web-based application with automatic employee tracking capabilities along with productivity monitoring and performance review. This business management automation application makes time tracking simpler and helps remote and onsite employees in improving their time tracking habits.

Top Features of Online Time Tracker
  • Comparing Planned Costs and Actual Cost
  • Measuring Employee Performance
  • 12/24 hour Format Time capturing
  • Activity Logs
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Set Approval Rules
  • Manual Time Tracking
  • Intuitive Timesheets
  • Pause/Resume Feature
  • Detailed Reports
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Auto Detect the Users Time Zone
  • Time Tracking on the Go
  • Screenshots (via the Desktop App)

Easily Track Time On Any Device & Make Smarter Business Decisions