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Remote-Friendly Performance Review Software to Recognize Employee’s Accurately

Talygen makes it easier for you to conduct faster and productive reviews by offering employee performance appraisal software built for your organization. The software is fully-packed with ongoing feedback functionalities that simplify managing employees at far locations. With no manual interference, the web-based application ease assessing individual's performances using reviewing forms and questionnaires online.

The software takes the headache out of keeping an eagles eye on every employee. The 360-degree feedback enables the managers to analyse, review, and turn feedback into results. The constant support can be provided to employees throughout the year with the use of an automated review tool. Managers can learn about the issues that employees encounter and encourage timely actions.

You need not wait for the whole year to appreciate employees and reward them. The software has real-time recognition capability that helps share feedback at any point. Further, the ease to build custom questionnaire helps managers build the survey to get a holistic perspective.

The module brings more clarity and ease identify gaps between performance and organizational objectives. A myriad of options offered in Talygen's performance review software provides a central display, maximize visibility, and adjust the software to your needs.

Talygen’s recruiting software is fully-integrated with performance review tool to ease the painstaking HR functions. The 360-degree evaluation of onsite and remote staff’s performance provides a complete overview of the team’s strengths, weaknesses, quality & quantity of work, and more.

With Talygen's employee performance review software in place, the users can add multiple reviewers in chain sequence, customize review templates, review questionnaire, and track progress via detailed reports.

Top Features of Talygen's Performance Review Software
  • Customizable Reviewing Questionnaire
  • Performance & Training Feedback in Real-Time
  • Easy Identification of Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Smooth & Effective Communication
  • Multiple Reviewers in a Chain Sequence
  • Skills and Review Templates
  • Intuitive & User-Friendly Interface
  • 360-Degree Dashboard & Reporting
  • Automated Skills & Review Templates
  • Multiple Levels of Management Review

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