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Talygen is a online time tracking software that enables you to track your time & Progress from any location and system

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Track your Business and Boost Productivity with Talygen’s Online Time Tracking Software

Talygen’s online turnkey time tracking software now offers a powerful platform to streamline your business. In today’s world, businesses have gone global and it is impossible to keep track of all employees and project progress without the help of online time tracking softwares. Whether you are a manager or owner of a business or a professional who charges for services by the hour, Talygen online time tracking software uses the global-interconnecting power of the internet and empowers you to oversee employees, clients and the progress of work at different levels at your own will.

Talygen Online Time Tracking software provides employees and the clients a real time communication platform which reduces errors in work as updates and reports can be generated quickly and accurately and sent to the client. The client can, in turn, send feedback directly to the concerned employees on specific communication portals within the time tracker software for this kind of communication. The software works with SAAS web application and Talygen Time Tracking Cloud and supports background tracking as well. All data is synced and backed up on the Talygen server so that you do not need to fear the loss of your company’s critical information. From the desktop app, you can get an overview of projects and tasks from a single page. You can generate reports and asses performance charts and distinguish billable and non-billable time at the click of button. Your employees can also log the time they spend working by punching in and out of projects using their Talygen iPhone or Android app.

Talygen Online Time tracking software boosts your business by helping you meet deadlines, satisfying your customers and keeping employee productivity high. For all the high quality services you end up providing to your customer, you can even charge them accurately based on billable time spent on their work. So go ahead and register for the trial from and explore how it can bolster productivity of your business.

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