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Conveniently Bolster Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience

In the modern age, customers’ are no less than god, and making them feel valued is the prime concern of today's small, medium, and large businesses. One happy customer brings in many and with that in mind, every business must have strong customer relationship management solutions to understand the preferences of their customer-base and stay active to their needs.

Business is not just about making sales; the customers are the driving force behind every business's success. Therefore, every sales representative should have feature-rich CRM software in hand to help businesses get repeat customers.

Talygen's customer relationship management system is offering unmatched lead and deal management services and is gaining importance worldwide. It builds effective customer relationships by allowing the user to make the most out of the collected data. The software provides lead history management functionality where all the data is stored for anytime access.

The users have complete control over the social media campaigns. It works as a powerful campaign manager and eases overseeing every aspect of the campaign from a single screen. The measurable outcomes provide a big picture of a marketing campaign from planning to analysis.

With Talygen's CRM system, businesses can surely strengthen relations, increase revenue, enhance productivity, and make themselves grow in the booming market. Besides managing customers, the software can track sales, generate unlimited invoices, send email notifications, plus sales quotations, and more. The easy setup and implementation of CRM helps automate the workflow and lowers operational expenses.

Talygen's flexible and systematic CRM solution provides a platform to manage the sales cycle and win more deals in one place.

Top Features of Talygen's CRM Software

Centralized & Customizable Database Centralized & Customizable Database

Sales Force Automation & Forecasting Sales Force Automation & Forecasting

Quotation Management Quotation Management

Customer Opportunity Management Customer Opportunity Management

Create Custom Columns & ReportsCreate Custom Columns & Reports

Leads & Sales Performance Tracking Leads & Sales Performance Tracking

Cloud-Based CRM Support Cloud-Based CRM Support

Consistent & Accurate Information Consistent & Accurate Information

Cross-Platform Application Support Cross-Platform Application Support

Customer Life Cycle & Segmenting Customer Life Cycle & Segmenting