Screenshot Tracking Automated with Talygen

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Optimize Productivity with Talygen’s Automatic Screenshot Tracker

Employee monitoring is now an essential part of various industries and work cultures across the globe. Organizations are making use of intuitive screenshot trackers, not only to keep an eye on the progress of their projects but to nurture their employees for enhanced performance as well.

Talygen, a world leader in business automation, offers a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use Automatic Screenshot Tracker, packed with some of the most advanced features and functionalities available across the globe.

Talygen’s Automatic Screenshot Tracker allows organizations to monitor the work and capture activity of multiple employees effortlessly, via a single interface. Also, the tracker allows users to view their daily work logs and all the tracked activities via a user-friendly web application. As per the requirements, admins and managers can make use of the automatically captured screenshots for evaluating performance and progress for individual employees.

Another intuitive functionality of Talygen’s Automatic Screenshot Tracker empowers managers and admins to capture screenshots in Stealth Mode, which means that the employee won’t be notified about the screenshot being taken.

Also, admins and managers can either configure time intervals for capturing screenshots automatically or can also set it to random for capturing unexpected screenshots from their employee’s on-going work.

With additional functionalities like Screenshot Auto Syncing, Project Wise Auto Screen Shots Capturing, Multi-Screen Screenshot Capturing, User-friendly Desktop & Web Application, Screen Resolution Configuring, and Word Diary Auditing, Talygen makes employee monitoring easy for both onsite, as well as for offsite employees.

Some Major Features of Talygen’s Automatic Screenshot Tracker include

Limit Screens Captured In An Hour Limit Screens Captured In An Hour

Time Track Configure Screenshot Intervals

Work Logs Work Log

Activity Logger Activity Logger

Set Screen Resolution Set Screen Resolution

Capture Work Efficiency Capture Work Efficiency

User Wise Capture Project And User Wise

Configure Count Down For Capturing Configure Count Down For Capturing

stealth mode Stealth Mode Screenshots

Screenshot Automatic Synchronization

Configure Time Track Popup Timing Configure Time Track Description Popup Timing

multi screens Set Random Screenshot Interval Selective Use