Automatic Screenshot Tracker

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Automatic & Powerful Screenshot Tracker

The continued spread of the recent pandemic is impacting the remote employee management such as tracking working hours. However, features like the employee work tracker in the automated time tracking application can help businesses measure the team's productivity in depth.

Talygen, provide SaaS time tracking applications to various industries including Retail, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and other IT organizations. The time tracking with screenshots track activity levels all in web, desktop, and mobile applications. From a centralized can view of all tasks and teams, managers track start/stop time, generate detailed productivity reports, etc. Moreover, the online time tracker with screenshots offers full control of unlimited individuals and projects.

The advanced and flexible time tracker by Talygen helps in idle time measurement, productivity comparison, activity hours’ estimation, and provides a graphical analysis of productivity. Besides, the screenshot capturing features preview, zoom in/out view of staff's desktops, and ease the performance assessment.

The screenshot capturing module in Talygen integrates easily with a time tracking solution. The automatic screenshot tracker monitors remote and onsite teams in offline mode as well and syncs the work to the cloud. The screenshots of employee's daily work log provide a clear overview of keystrokes, mouse-clicks, performance data all in one place.

Features Of Automatic Screenshot Tracker
  • Configure Screenshot Intervals
  • Work Log tracker
  • Activity Logger
  • Configure Time Track Description Popup Timing
  • Set Random Screenshot Interval
  • Selective Use
  • Multi-Screen
  • Activity Tracking
  • Audit Daily Work Dairy
  • Stealth Mode Screenshots
  • Automatic Synchronization

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