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Every B2B e-commerce business needs to deliver a responsive, personalized, and flexible product for an engaging shopping experience to stay ahead in the marketplace. At the same time, web-based technology has been transforming the B2B e-commerce landscape to help them keep up with the latest trends.

Talygen designed unified communication (UC) software to help B2B e-commerce businesses deliver a meaningful and seamless shopping experience. The software allows e-commerce businesses to integrate workforce, tools, and technologies to streamline internal strategy and go to the market. Talygen's UC software facilitates real-time data by unifying inventory management, CRM, and all other operations into one system.

Deliver Personalized Experience

With Talygen's UC solution, businesses can discover the audience's shopping pattern and deliver their experience from a single interface. It helps businesses control products visible to shoppers and set pricing structures for different customer groups to refine the shoppers' experience and better ROI.

Cost-Effective Approach

With a unified cloud communication platform, businesses can clearly understand global selling activities and reduce useless requirements or multiple systems. It results in lessened costs and a streamlined customer demand management process.

Streamline Smooth Workflow Management

Growing with a traditional approach in the technological environment increases the possibility of failure. Meanwhile, integration with a unified communication solution on the cloud can help to achieve synchronization and streamline well-managed and automated workflow management.

B2B e-Commerce Case Study

The Challenges

Our B2B e-commerce business struggled immensely with evolving buyers' expectations and rendered a better buyer experience. Meanwhile, our traditional communication and collaboration tools create cross-disciplinary hurdles and affect the entire workflow. Sometimes, we used multiple applications for communication and collaboration between different departments. As a result, there was chaos and misinterpretation. We face difficulties ensuring that everyone has the correct details or proceeding accurately. Therefore, we decided to streamline our collaboration and communication process with a cloud-based unified communication solution.

  • Creates confusion and chaos in work order management
  • Complex workflow environment with poor communication
  • The tedious and slow-paced process of keeping up with the competition
  • Affect workflow productivity and efficiency

The Solution

With Talygen's unified communication solution, our B2B e-commerce business effectively maximizes revenue by simplifying our workflow environment. The software facilitates a smart dashboard to access real-time data on a single platform. It unifies inventory, accounting, sales and purchase, and customer details on a one-stop screen that saves time and eliminates the need to use multiple applications. With its feature-rich communication functionalities, the workforce can experience instant messaging, live chats, and centralized access to streamline smooth collaboration and communication. With this unified platform, our B2B e-commerce business reduced time-consuming administrative processes and freely focused on delivering a personalized customer experience.

  • A centralized platform reduces administrative processes
  • Eliminate the need to install multiple applications
  • Ensure proactive communication

The Benefits

  • Simplified workforce operations and reduced confusion
  • Cost-effective and advanced solution
  • Fast and simple solution to enhance buyers' experience
  • Seamless communication anytime and anywhere