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A complete web-based time tracking solution for your business

Talygen’s time tracking software is a powerful application that helps simplify the complications of managing your business. With lots of clients and lots of employees involved, especially when they may be present in another city or even country, the task of overseeing projects and managing employees has become extremely difficult. Such complications can lead to wastage of precious management time on trivial matters.

Talygen offers a turnkey solution to handle these problems and solve many more. It works with SAAS web application and Talygen’s Time Tracking Cloud. The all-important data is synced and backed up on the Talygen server so that you do not need to fear its security or loss. The software also supports background tracking so you can continue working on your tasks while it tracks your time in the background.

You can easily oversee your business at various levels from your desktop, be it getting an overview of the whole business to analyzing specific tasks of specific projects. Using Talygen’s web-based time tracking software you can now keep a track of all your employees. It takes the burden off the shoulders of the management by making it easy to micromanage employees or projects individually. Each employee can log into his/her Talygen account while they work on a specific task and log out when they are done using Talygen’s smartphone app for iPhones or Android.

Apart from overseeing employee time and project progress, it supports the segregation of billable and non-billable time so that you can charge your clients correctly. It also enables you to quickly analyze performance, generate reports and share them with your employees as well as the client. It also provides a communication portal between your employees and clients such that any requirement the latter’s part can be directly communicated to the former. Such features expedite project completion and also reduce errors.

Talygen is a complete project management software that helps organize your business whether you are a manager or a professional who charges by-the-hour. You have to see it to believe it, so register now for free and try it on Windows, MAC and Linux at www.talygen.com and experience its potency first hand.