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Web Based Time Tracking Software to Boost Productivity

Time is the only variable that can be controlled in business. While some businesses still use old timekeeping methods, others have moved on to use the most advanced technology – the web-based time tracker.

The web-based time tracking software is an answer to all the timekeeping-related issues that an organization can face. A web-based time tracker tracks everything, be it payroll, attendance, overtime, employee time tracking, or anything else.

The best web-based time tracking is the most advanced method of keeping an account of all the employee activities, payrolls, projects, attendance, etc. All the information is stored on a remote server that synchronizes seamlessly with the time tracking application, providing an accurate and hassle-free time tracking solution.

The web-based time trackers are way better than the old and orthodox timekeeping methods. These are easier to install, smooth to operate, far more accurate, highly customizable, and can generate multiple reports with a few clicks.

You don't have to be an expert to install the web-based time clock. The time clock is highly customizable and suits the needs of nearly every business. Reports generated by these clocks are clear, sensible, reliable, and highly useful; these can also be customized at the user's discretion.

Web based time tracking software can be extremely useful for the payroll department, for it can generate all the details in a single click, including employee overtime, sick days, leaves, etc. In addition to this, the entire database can be easily exported to the spreadsheet programs.

If your goal is to enhance your organization's overall productivity, Talygen's web-based time tracker has a lot to offer you. Claim your free trial at and try it today!

Top Features Of Talygen's Best Web Based Time Tracking Software

12/24 hour Format Time capturing12/24-hour Format Time capturing

Manually Log TimeManually Log Time

Comparing Planned Costs and Actual CostComparing Planned Costs and Actual Cost

Activity LogsActivity Logs

Time Spent on a ProjectTime Spent on a Project

Bulk Time EntryBulk Time Entry

Detailed ReportsDetailed Reports

Offline Time TrackingOffline Time Tracking

Report Project ProgressReport Project Progress

Time Tracking on the GoTime Tracking on the Go

Flag Track Entry Flag Track Entry

Generate Invoices based on Time Logs Generate Invoices based on Time Logs

Flag and Track Entries

Highlight Incorrect Time Entries

Talygen is equipped with comprehensive web-based time tracking software. Clients and managers tracking employees' productivity with the Talygen time tracker can quickly flag suspected or uncertain time entries. With this knowledge, managers can flag entries of the employees in question and give them comments about what they need to review or modify.

Enter Time Entries in Bulk

Save Time by Entering Multiple Entries in Bulk

Did you forget to record a time entry? No need to worry! With Talygen, managers can enter employees' time entries in bulk, saving time and effort. You can streamline the time-consuming process of entering time entries into the system. However, to enter the time entries in bulk, you must have an account with Company Admin privileges. Lastly, a user with Project Managers' rights can also enter time entries in bulk.

Track Time with Flexibility

Track Time Anytime Anywhere via Smartphone App

Talygen offers users a smartphone app to track time anywhere, anytime. You can download and use our app on Android, iOS, and Windows; you only need a working internet connection. Now, the manager can track their employees' time with the flexibility and ease of a smartphone app.

Track Time Manually

A User-friendly Time Tracker

Talygen's easy-to-use project time tracking software provides users with various options for time entry. Manual time tracking enables users to enter time after working on a project. To do this, they must enter the time when they had started working on a project and wait for approval from the project manager.

Pause/Resume Tracker

Pause the Timer during Breaks

Talygen's web-based time tracker has a unique feature that enables users to pause and resume the time tracker whenever needed. A user can pause the timer if something of higher priority takes the place of the current task and restart it when they get back to the job. This feature can help the project manager track only employees' working hours of employees not when they are busy with something else and away from work.

Track Time When Offline

Track Time Even When You Don't Have an Internet Connection

Is your internet connection not working due to technical difficulties? Don't worry! With Talygen's time tracking, users get the benefit of employing offline time tracking tools that capture screenshots even in offline mode. Once the user gets online, Talygen synchronizes and uploads every offline entry that has entered into its system and updates them on the cloud. This smart feature is also available on Talygen's desktop app.

Time Tracking in Different Time Zones

Track Time Anywhere in The World

Talygen's time tracker allows users to track time, regardless of the time zone they are currently working in. When logging in, the user will get a notification requesting them to confirm if they want to track time in the default or current time zone. The default time zone will be set during the time of account registration. Users can easily update the app to reflect their current time zone if they leave their default time zone.

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