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Track your Employees' Productivity with Talygen's Time Tracking System

Nowadays, most organizations work on a project basis, which has led to the need for a system that efficiently tracks the time spent on a particular task or project.

As a result, businesses now find the online time tracking system to be one of the most effective tools for tracking their employees' productivity. So, if you have already worked with an online tracking system, you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

Talygen's online time tracking tool is business-friendly and packed with numerous features that you can use to streamline your official processes. Furthermore, after installing Talygen's time tracking system, you can customize it per your needs.

Furthermore, Talygen's online timekeeping system comes with endless benefits. It can generate customized reports, payroll, invoices, attendance, and more. Using an online timekeeping system also enables the employer to calculate employee sick time, leaves, overtime, project time, etc. The software system is highly user-friendly, and all the information can be easily exported to programs like Microsoft Excel. In the coming years, you will find all the organizations will use online timekeeping systems for error-free and hassle-free time tracking.

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Top Features of Talygen's Time Tracking System

Measuring Employee Performance Measuring Employee Performance

Offline Time Tracking Offline Time Tracking

Report Project Progress Report Project Progress

Pause/Resume Feature Pause/Resume Feature

12/24 hour Format Time capturing 12/24-hour Format Time capturing

Activity Logs Activity Logs

Bulk Time Entry Bulk Time Entry

Detailed Reports Detailed Reports

Time Tracking on the Go Time Tracking on the Go

Auto Detect as per User’s Time ZoneAuto Detect as per User's Time Zone

Intuitive Timesheets Intuitive Timesheets

Flag and Track Entries

Highlight Incorrect Time Entries

Talygen is equipped with a comprehensive online work tracking system. The flagging functionality allows managers and clients to find and highlight incorrect time entries. Plus, managers can track flagged entries and add comments for required modification that needs to be reviewed.

Bulk Time Entry

Record Mass Time Entries at Once

It's common to miss or omit any time entries while recording in bulk. With Talygen, this is no longer an issue. Talygen's online employee time tracking tool allows users to record mass time entries together without recording every time entry individually. It saves time and effort. With this functionality, company admins and project managers can enter bulk time entries for the entire organization or teams at once within seconds.

Mobile Time Tracking

Track Time Anywhere & Anytime with the Mobile App

Talygen facilitates mobile app accessibility, allowing users to track time online from anywhere and anytime on their smartphones. The mobile time tracking software app is readily available on Android and iOS. Now managers and employees have the flexibility to monitor and track time anytime they need.

Manual Time Tracking

A Flexible Time Tracker

Talygen's user-friendly online time tracking tool built-in varied time tracking functionalities. Manual time tracking allows users to track time and submit their time entries for approval manually.

Pause/Resume Time Tracker

Pause Timers during Breaks

Talygen's online time tracker has a unique functionality that allows users to pause and resume the timer during Idle/Break time. Users can pause the timer while having other priorities and restart it when ready to continue the work. It ensures productive working hours spent by employees on particular projects and tasks by eliminating non-working hours.

Offline Time Tracking

Track Time without Internet Connection

Have you lost your internet connection due to some technical interruptions? Don't worry! Talygen's mobile time tracking software has offline time tracking functionality that enables screenshot capturing while offline. Once the user gets back their Internet connection, Talygen synchronizes, uploads offline entries, and updates them on the cloud. This functionality is also available on the Talygen desktop application.

Time Tracking According to Time Zone

Track Time Anywhere across the Globe

Talygen's online work tracking system can track time online in any time zone. The software shows a notification asking the user's choice of selecting the default and current time zone. The user can choose the time zone during registration. Users can easily update the app to reflect their current time zone if they leave their default time zone.

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