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Make Hiring Simple & Smart with Talygen's Best Recruitment Tracking Software

Hiring the best candidates for a role is way easier nowadays with Talygen's web-based HR recruitment management software. Our recruitment tracking software offers a user-friendly job portal that keeps candidates, project managers, and hiring managers in sync through seamless collaboration. It provides robust features that help hiring managers recruit ahead of the curve by sourcing the best candidates.

HR best recruitment software generates real-time reports that provide insights into multiple job postings, tracks progress compliance, and analyzes recruitment performance to identify bottlenecks. The one-click job distribution feature instantly gets the job posts on various job sites as well as your company website. The job board offers various design templates that users can customize to fit the company's branding.

The job board software is designed especially for candidates, employees, and hiring managers to organize recruitment & hire qualified talent efficiently. It provides internal, external, and hidden links for a company's website. The internal connections allow the present employees to view open positions and recommend the best candidate. The external links provide candidates with a complete overview of the job description and offer a way to apply and upload resumes. Only approved users can view the hidden links.

Our online recruitment tracking software comes with automated messaging functionality that automatically sends email interview invitations to the candidates and keeps them informed throughout the hiring. The integrated platform brings you the best-of-the-breed recruitment solutions to make managing talent acquisition easy beyond expectations.

Collecting and maintaining the vast amount of employee data will no longer be a hassle with the best recruitment software. Greater efficiency, structured hiring, enhanced security, and an intuitive interface make Talygen the best fit for companies of all sizes and industries.

Job Board Layout

Design Templates for a Company's Job Board

Talygen's HR recruitment software allows users to design their job board layout. Users can create templates with an external link for applicants to apply for any open positions. They can easily customize headers, footers, and messages for various positions in the company. It allows hiring managers to display a personalized look and feel to reflect the company's brand. Users can also create job postings with internal links that current employees can only see. Also, users can create job postings with hidden links that project managers and company admins can only see.

Job Posting Requisition

Set a Job Post's Requisition

With Talygen's recruitment management software, Managers can create a requisition for a job post. When the Hiring Manager receives the requisition for a job post, they can easily approve it after analyzing it. After a job request is approved, it will automatically turn into a live job posting on your official website.

File Upload Size

Configurable File Upload Size

Talygen's Online Recruitment Software allows hiring managers to configure the upload file size for applicants. The uploaded file can be a resume or any other important document from the applicant.

Job Posting and Hiring

Simplified Job Posting and Hiring

Talygen offers a simplified job posting and hiring system. Applicants can upload a resume and other necessary documents directly from the job board. The hiring team can review received resumes and schedule interviews. They can also create events for the scheduled interviews within our recruitment management software.

Removes Paperwork From The Process

Eliminates Paperwork

Talygen's HR recruitment software eliminates paperwork. The Talygen system is environmentally friendly, as users can use their web, desktop, or mobile accounts instead of using paper for job applications and interviews. Reducing paper usage translates to additional savings on the company capital and the environment.

Manage Applicants

An Outstanding Application Manager

The best recruitment software allows the company's hiring team to manage applicants. The HR team can create a job posting and display it to meet the requirements for a particular position. When applicants apply for a job, the hiring team can manage the applicant's resume and other important documents. They can also update the applicant's status through the HR recruitment tool.

Top Features of Online Recruitment Software
  • Job postings approval chains
  • A holistic view of candidate profiles
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Foster collaboration & communication
  • Customizable job board layout
  • Easier job application process
  • Track job post reports
  • Convenient job interviews scheduling
  • Streamlined job posting requisition
  • Internal/external/hidden link for job posting
  • Configurable size for resumes & documents
  • Job posting reviewers/approvers

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