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In today's ultra-competitive business world, banking and financial businesses need all the advantages they can get to stay ahead of the curve. The truth is that many financial companies still use pen and paper to track their expenses, which can direct to time wastage and potential human error.

This is where, to make the most of your time (and your money), Talygen presents an online expense tracker for the finance industry that can help you automate your accounting process.

If you're looking for the best online expense tracker for banks available, look no further than Talygen. We've been helping businesses automate their accounting processes for years, and we know precisely what your banking business needs to stay competitive.

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Core Highlights Of Talygen's Expense Tracker For Bank

Desktop & Phone Application Desktop & Phone Application

Attach Files Attach Files

Expense Reports Expense Reports

Upload Bulk Expenses Upload Bulk Expenses

Expense Reimbursement Expense Reimbursement

Define Approval Requirement Define Approval Requirement

Overdue Expense Alert Overdue Expense Alert

Future Expense Entries Future Expense Entries

Enter The Expense Through Timesheet Enter The Expense Through Timesheet

Expense Limit Expense Limit

Expense Approvals Expense Approvals

Advanced Dashboards Advanced Dashboards

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Expense Report

Submit Expense Reports Online

Talygen's Online Expense Tracker Application allows simply to record expenses for different Trips and Projects. Users can send their Expense entries for Approval and receive reimbursement from the Company authorities. Furthermore, they can record their Expense details and receipts as attachments. Talygen Expense Software is beneficial for large businesses to track expenses.

Record Bulk Expenses

Expense Reports Can Be Uploaded in Bulk

With Talygen's Business Expense Tracker, users can upload bulk expenses at once. They can create excel files for several expenses and easily Import them. Afterward, These Expenses will be sent for Approval through the right approval chain.

Expense Limit Control

Adjust Project Expense Caps

Project Managers can easily adjust Expense limits and control projects efficiently with Talygen's Online Expense Tracker app. If any Employee exceeds the set limit for an Expense, their Manager will get notified through Email. An Expense Tracker makes a project manager's life simpler and more effective.


Maintain Reimbursement Reports

Streamline Reports for Powerful Analytics

Simply maintain a comprehensive Expense Record of the projects through Talygen's Online Expense Tracking system. Users can generate Reimbursement Reports that provide details regarding Expenses with approved or denied status. Talygen’s Business Expense Software also consists of details of who is responsible for reimbursement, the Client or the Company; If it is the Client, then Expenses will automatically include in the Clients' invoices.

Expense Approvals

For Smooth Evaluation and Simple Approval

Automates and Simplifies the Workflow related to Expense creation, approvals, and control. With Company policies, Senior Managers can appoint Approvers and effectively optimize the approval chains for smooth evaluation.


Outstanding Expenses

Outstanding Expenses Need Approvals

Talygen's Expense tracker app has Outstanding Expense functionality to ensure prompt approvals on it. It allows Senior Managers to define the time within which Expenses should be reviewed and approved. The Manager will get notified if the Expense is not related to the mentioned period.

Supports Phone Apps

Mobile App with Industry-Leading Functions

Talygen's Online Expense tracker application is available with smooth mobile accessibility for both iPhone and Android Users. This enables Managers to track on the go Expenses with the Online Expense Tracking App functionality. Even, Employees working off-site can also record Expense details through the mobile expense tracking app. Employees can capture pictures of their receipts and easily upload them via the Mobile app's inbuilt functionality.

Future Expense Entries

Input Future Expense Entries

Senior Managers can allow Users to enter anticipated future Expense entries. Senior Managers can configure all the necessary settings for this feature.