Powerful and User-friendly Employee Management Software

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Productivity-Centric Employee Management Software for Every Business

Talygen's Employee Management Software is there to help you with all kinds of employee engagement and performance-enhancing problems. The software is packed with a comprehensive set of employee management tools that not only make the overall employee engagement and monitoring easier but also have a productivity-enhancing approach for all kinds of businesses.

The software is an asset for Human resources and recruiting managers to make the overall hiring, contact storing, and training management much more simplified than ever. Managers can manage each and every hassle involved in hiring & training processes in real-time and in an organized manner.

Talygen also offers an advanced approval system that helps admins and managers in easily approving or rejecting leave, expense, and time-off requests. The module offers customizable rules for all kinds of organizations to flexibility adjust the approval system as per the requirement.

Also, admins can monitor and Track Employee Performance for each and every employee easily from a single interface in Talygen’s Employee Management Software. The software allows admins to add multiple reviewers in any sequential or non-sequential manner as they would want to. Talygen allows organizations to review the performance of an employee in a multi-level manner for an in-depth and deep analysis of the performance.

Talygen's Activity Tracking Software makes tracking attendance, assigning roles, providing time-offs, managing leave types, awarding and deducting leaves, and even employee feedback simpler.

Top Features of Employee Management Software:
  • Track Employee Attendance
  • Set Working Day For A User
  • Setup Individual Goals
  • Message Board
  • Set Break Time
  • Manage Leave
  • Create Team Goals
  • Skill Report
  • Leave Details
  • Message Board
  • Company Holiday
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Feedback Questionnaire
  • External Job Boards
  • Passport Information
  • Manage Working Weeks

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