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Talygen - An Intuitive Web Based Project Management Software

Talygen’s Web-based Project Management Software is packed with a ton of amazing tools, such as Cloud Storage, Online Chat, Mobile & Web Application, Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Resource Scheduler, Timesheets, Clone Projects, Activity Tracker, Screenshots, Overviews and so on, to help you increase your overall productivity.

With the rapid growth in the work-from-home culture around the world, project management software has become a necessity more than a luxury. Talygen’s Web-based Project Management Software is making it easier for project managers to monitor remote employees. Easy communication, file sharing, time tracking, task mapping, and various other features on a single platform of our project management software benefit both the employer and the employees.

For any kind of project development, keeping up with the deadline is one of the top priorities for any kind of organization. One of the most popular feature of Talygen’s web based project management software is time tracking.

Using Talygen’s simple project management software, managers can keep a check on the working hours of an employee. Additionally, it also offers an in-built feature called time tracking software with screenshots. This feature just makes the complete process of time tracking simpler and more flexible. This screenshot tool can be utilized to track the progress of a Project by deeply tracking an Employee’s status. The Screenshots can be kept private or can be shared with team members and Clients.

The built-in expense trackers help you in easy expense tracking, quick budgeting and in reducing unnecessary expenditures easily without disturbing your workflow.

Talygen’s web-based project management software empowers teams having members from all around the world, with different time zones, different languages, different environments, different currencies, and even different levels of devices to collaborate and work together. This simple project management software incorporates some of the most robust collaboration features, such as Gantt chart software, Task mapping software, Timesheets, File-sharing software, and similar other tools that help teams spread around the world to work together on a common project.

Talygen’s intuitive web-based project management software also offers a mobile, website, and desktop version of itself for all kinds of users. Claim your free trial today at

Key Features of Talygen’s Web Based Project Management Software

Cloud StorageCloud Storage

Import/ Export Bulk ProjectsImport/ Export Bulk Projects

Socialize/Online ChatSocialize/Online Chat

Setup Phases and StagesSetup Phases and Stages

Website, Desktop, & Mobile ApplicationsWebsite, Desktop, & Mobile Applications

Time TrackerTime Tracker

Bulk Time EntryBulk Time Entry

better controlGantt Chart And Road Map

Activity LogTimesheets

Activity TrackingActivity Log

Set Screen ResolutionTrack Project Progress

stealth modeGlobal Task For Projects


A Feature-Rich Screenshot Tool to Manage Productivity

Talygen offers one of the most advanced screenshot tools in the market today. This efficient project progress tracking tool can be utilized to track the progress of a Project by tracking an Employee’s work on a daily basis. The Activity Tracker monitors all critical details such as Screenshots, Keystrokes, Mouse clicks, and much more for a specified time span in an Employees’ day. The Screenshots can be private or shared with team members and Clients. There are multiple applications for this feature.

Time Tracker

Track Your Time Anywhere

Talygen’s state-of-the-art time tracker enables users to track time for multiple projects or tasks. This project management tool allows business managers to accurately gauge the time taken by an employee to complete a task for a project. Managers can easily access logged time entries for evaluating an employee’s performance or for reviewing the progress of any project.

Gantt Chart

Uncover Insights Using Rich Data Visualizations

Talygen’s Gantt Chart module helps by illustrating all of the important details related to the start, end, and duration of a Task. It easily and intuitively shows the order of dependencies between Tasks and the order in which they must be completed. The beautifully rendered Gantt Chart is fully integrated with the Project Management system and provides a clear graphical illustration of a Project’s progress.

Client Overview

Let Your Clients See What’s Happening

Talygen’s Project Management Module offers a unique feature that is free for your Clients. This is the Client login feature that allows a Client to seamlessly track the progress of their projects. Clients can easily monitor Projects with the help of a variety of modules such as Time Tracking, Activity Tracker, Reports, and much more.

Resource Scheduling

Make the Most Efficient Use of Your Resources

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling system allows Managers to schedule and manage their Employee’s assigned work. Our web based Project Management System easily and effortlessly enables Managers to re-allocate resources and assign Project Tasks related to available Users.

Project Reports

Reports That Fully Detail and Analyze a Project

Talygen’s Project Report feature empowers Managers to track the progress of a Project. The online project management software provides detailed reports regarding the work completed for a Project by the assigned Employee. Managers can effortlessly monitor Project reports for a detailed analysis of the progress of a Project. This enables them to quickly identify any bottlenecks and modify the Project plan to address them..

Project Request Feature

Get Repeat Work from Your Clients

Talygen offers a unique Project Request feature that aids Organizations in winning repeat business from existing clients. Clients can easily and quickly request a quote for work on a new Project. This allows the Company to quickly respond with a quote for a new Project. Once the quote has been accepted by the Client, Project Managers can begin work on it immediately.

Project Based Message Board

Seamless Collaboration and Communication between Your Team and Your Clients

Talygen offers a built-in Instant Messaging Chat Feature and an interactive Message Board to enhance communication between your Employees and your Clients. Users can communicate with Clients regarding any Projects that are being worked on. The Project Management System also allows users to send messages to specific groups, individual Users, or broadcast them to the entire Team.

Resource Impact

Manage Impact for Efficient Utilization of Resources

Talygen Project Management system allows you to create alerts if users are on leave. Resource impact lets you prepare yourself for the impact so that you manage your available resources to keep the tasks ongoing.

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