Web Based Project Management Software

Track Progress Anywhere Anytime Real-Time Screenshots Robust Resource Scheduling System In-depth & Precise Project Reports Built-in Instant Message Board Data Visualizations with Gantt Charts Free Client Login for Overview


Enhance Speed and Productivity with Talygen's Web-based Project Management Software

Talygen's Web-based Project Management Software is packed with a ton of amazing tools, such as Cloud Storage, Online Chat, Mobile & Web Application, Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Resource Scheduler, Timesheets, Clone Projects, Activity Tracker, Screenshots, Overviews and so on, to help you increase your overall productivity.

With the increase of remote jobs and work-from-home culture around the world, project management software have become a necessity more than a luxury. Talygen’s Web-based Project Management Software is making it easier for project managers to monitor remote employees. Easy communication, file sharing, time tracking, task mapping, and various other features on a single platform of our project management software benefits both the employer and the employees.

For any kind of project development, keeping up with the deadline is one of the top priorities for any kind of organization. One of the most popular and go-to features of Talygen’s web-based project management software is tracking time.

Using Talygen's simple project management software, managers can keep a check on the working hours of an employee. Additionally, it also offers an in-built feature called time tracking software with screenshots. This feature just makes the complete process of time tracking simpler and flexible. This screenshot tool can be utilized to track the progress of a Project by deeply tracking an Employee's status. The Screenshots can be kept private or be can be shared with team members and Clients.

The built-in expense trackers help you in easy expense tracking, quick budgeting, and in reducing unnecessary expenditures easily, without disturbing your workflow.

Talygen's web-based project management software empowers teams having members from all around the world, with different time zones, different languages, different environments, different currencies, and even different levels of devices to collaborate and work together. This simple project management software incorporates some of the most robust collaboration features, such as Gantt chart software, Task mapping software, Timesheets, File-sharing software, and similar other tools that help teams spread around the world to work together on a common project.

Talygen's intuitive web-based project management software also offers a mobile, website, and desktop version of itself for all kinds of users.

Project Management Module
  • Import/ Export Bulk Projects
  • Virtual User
  • Work Dairy
  • Cloud Storage
  • Message Board
  • Set Expense Limit
  • Socialize/Online Chat
  • Setup Phases And Stages
  • Website, Desktop And, Mobile Applications
  • Time Tracker
  • Client Login
  • Project Report
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Project Request Feature
  • Gantt Chart And Road Map
  • Project Wise Configuration Setting
  • Timesheets
  • Activity Log
  • Clone Projects
  • Flag Track Entry
  • Track Project Progress
  • Global Task For Projects
  • Activity Tracker/Screenshots

Easily Track Time On Any Device & Make Smarter Business Decisions