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Configurable SLA Merge Tickets Split Ticket Setup Feedback for Tickets Configure Upload Size Set Ticket Priority Client Ticket Management Department Specific Tickets

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Comprehensive Support Ticketing Solutions with Advanced Functionalities from Talygen

Talygen, a global leader in business automation, offers a state-of-the-art and advanced Online Ticketing System that empowers its users to effortlessly process and respond to online submitted tickets. The comprehensive solution from Talygen allows organizations of all types and sizes to create their own internal issue support ticket system as well.

Users can also make use of Talygen’s Online Ticketing Solutions for creating a customer support ticketing system for their clients and customers as well.

These online ticketing solutions are offered in the form of web-based applications and mobile apps as well, so that users access the complete online ticketing system from anywhere and at any time, using any kind of device.

The advanced Issue Management functionalities offered in the best ticketing system module allows the users to easily merge or split different tickets effortlessly, as per the requirements. Also, users can configure compliance to SLA, as per their needs, for better issue resolution time.

Talygen’s advanced online ticketing solutions with Issue Tracker offers a detailed Dashboard with a lot of integrated widgets for improved issue management. Users can effortlessly keep a check on Unassigned, Response Due, and Resolution Due, as well as on On Hold tickets.

With additional functionalities and all-inclusive solutions included, such as Compliant Transfer of Tickets, Ticket Escalation, Canned Replies, Support for 3rd party clients, Follow-Ups, and Reminders, Talygen’s Online Ticketing System is all that you need to enhance your issue management system.

Other major features offered in online ticketing system module are

Merge Tickets Merge Tickets

Split Ticket Split Ticket

Setup Feedback for Tickets Setup Feedback for Tickets

User Availability User Availability

Configure Upload Size Configure Upload Size

Add Notes Add Notes

Send Attachments Send Attachments

Provide Conclusions Provide Conclusions

View Unassigned Tickets View Unassigned Tickets

SLA Timer SLA Timer

Configurable SLA Ticket Transfer Configurable SLA Ticket Transfer

Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities

Set Ticket Priority Set Ticket Priority

Client Ticket Management Client Ticket Management

Ticket Claims Department Specific Tickets Ticket Claims Department Specific Tickets

Draft a Response Draft a Response

Multiple BI Reports Multiple BI Reports