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Resources are one of the most vital assets of any organization. The number of successful projects and growth rate highly depend on the proficiency and expertise of the resources, alongside the managers who ideally allocate the right job to the right person.

However, resource management is the process that consists of maximum troubles in the businesses, such as wrong work allocation, a high workload on few resources, and a lack of skilled candidates. In turn, there are higher chances of resource conflicts, work chaos, late deadlines, and low productivity. The most significant issue that every business faces is resource profiling mismanagement.

This is where Talygen's resource management tool helps you empower your resources and accelerate operations to record high productivity. The software provides a centralized dashboard that simplifies resource profile management. Users can also get real-time resource status, including where, when, and on what task the resource is working, skills, and expertise. This clear picture of the entire workforce on a single screen saves time in resource data management.

Furthermore, users can strategically plan and forecast resources online with a few clicks. Resource forecasting ensures a secure business growth cycle in today's dynamic landscape. It allows you accurately forecast existing resource capacity and market demand to successfully bridge the gap and ensure better resource utilization.

Talygen is an industry-leading resource scheduling tool that encourages a high project success rate. A project's success highly depends on the resource skills, experience, proficiency, and the manager who allocate work. This is where the software shows you the entire workforce details, and managers can effectively utilize the skilled resource as per the project requirements.

Talygen is a cloud-based software that replaced the tedious manual approach with an efficient way to manage the entire workforce. Talygen resource scheduling tool doesn't need you to prepare spreadsheets for resource database management. Once the managers enter resource details, it will automatically update as per the assigned jobs, availability, and a lot more.

Talygen has proved a great help for several businesses. If you want to find the same for your organization, sign up today and start your free trial.
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Key Highlights of Talygen's Resource Scheduling Software

Enhance expense reporting Drag-and-drop scheduling

quick expense evaluation & approval Auto-scheduling based on projects/users

Multi-level approval workflowsResource workload indicator

upload bulk expenses Workflow and project management

anytime & anywhere trackingGantt charts presentation

automated expense alerts Visual resource planning

simply upload in-bulk expensesResource forecasting

expense reimbursementReal-time notifications

online expense reportingCentralized dashboard

seamless mobile-compatibility Simple rescheduling

generate automated timesheetsResource utilization reports

overdue expense alerts Daily/hourly/project-wise scheduling

Simple & Accurate Resource Profiling

Are you struggling with mismanagement of resource profiling? Talygen provides you with an intuitive dashboard that will act as a central repository of resources. It helps managers easily discover the right person for the right job based on different attributes, such as skill, availability, experience, location, etc. Talygen's centralized dashboard lets you get complete details of every resource on a single screen. It can save time and effort for managers. Most importantly, it replaces the need to create tedious spreadsheets with easily accessible cloud data. The automated data management also allows you easily share resource status with other project managers and effectively take decisive actions.

Clear View of Real-time Resource Utilization and Availability

Assigning a perfect resource to a task and measuring actual resource utilization is a piece of the puzzle. Mostly, the reason behind the resource conflicts, overworking, or repetitive tasks is unclear planning and analysis of resources availability and utilization. This is where, Talygen provides a crystal clear visual of real-time resource availability, busy days, day-offs, etc. Users can check any resource availability status before assigning any task. It just needs a few clicks and managers can get a complete overview of the resource schedule, their availability in priority tasks, and free time. Based on that, managers can accurately and efficiently allocate resources in a balanced format. Moreover, it helps to get accurate measurements of how better resources are utilized and generate maximum productivity for the organization.

Easy-to-read Gantt Chart Visuals

Getting confused in resource data and task overlapping is a bit normal in manual resource scheduling and management. Identifying the right resource from the long spreadsheets is a complicated to understand and time-consuming process. Using Talygen’s online resource scheduling tool can help you in simplifying this task for your managers. Talygen features data-rich and user-friendly Gantt chart functionality. It provides an easy-to-understand and views data in a graphical presentation that allows you to find the skilled resources for the task. In turn, it is also a great alternative to time-consuming spreadsheets, overlapping tasks, and repetitive tasks.

On-time Projects & hassle-free workflow

Discover the best resource for the task based on proficiency; availability is simpler with Talygen online resource scheduling tool. In turn, it leads to the best performance in projects and on-time delivery. The innovative centralized dashboard provides easy access to discover the best person for the project and ensures the best utilization of resources. Furthermore, it facilitates quick drag-and-drop scheduling that makes quick task allocation to the best resource. By implementing these modernized functionalities, project managers can easily bring the entire workforce on the same page and encourage them to meet project deadlines on/before time. Most importantly, it reduces workflow chaos and maintains a clear and hassle-free work order.

Future-ready resource forecasting

Talygen online resource scheduling tool facilitates clear visibility into your operational landscape and resources requirement. Meanwhile, resource forecasting allows you strategically forecast resource availability and plan accordingly. In turn, project managers can effectively manage resources and eliminate the risk of resource shortage in a dynamic business environment. Resource forecasting allows you to create a secure business environment for your organization. It can be a great boom for operational efficiency and maximum productivity while having a future-ready plan for upcoming projects.

Improve your Resource Utilization with Talygen Online Resource Scheduling Tool