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What Makes Talygen the Quintessential Project Time Tracking Tool?

Tracking your projects accurately is very critical for your business growth. You cannot afford careless management of projects, clients, contractors, employees, and anyone associated with your firm.

Businesses that aim to thrive always look for a feature-filled, accurate, adaptive, and easy-to-use project time tracking tool. However, as easy as it seems, project tracking is a complicated task, especially regarding tracking subprojects. Consequently, many organizations find it challenging to track projects and subprojects accurately.

That said, nothing is more valuable to a business than an online system to track the projects. To solve this problem, Talygen’s online project time tracking app is the perfect solution for all your companies’ project time tracking needs. It helps the administration to accurately track all the details of the project and store the information on a remote server in a secure way.

Talygen’s online project tracking tools can generate detailed and customized reports and invoices for clients and contractors. Plus, the reports generated by the online project trackers can be represented in graphs, pie charts, and other presentable forms. The project time management app enables the employer or project manager to track the project at any stage.

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Key Features of the Project Time Tracking Tool

Manual Time TrackingManual Time Tracking

Manually Log TimeManually Log Time

Calendar View of Tracked TimeCalendar View of Tracked Time

Activity LogsActivity Logs

Intuitive TimesheetsIntuitive Timesheets

Pause/Resume Feature Pause/Resume Feature

Detailed Reports Detailed Reports

Offline Time TrackingOffline Time Tracking

Report Project ProgressReport Project Progress

Time Tracking on the Go Time Tracking on the Go

Time Spent on a ProjectTime Spent on a Project

Screenshots (via the Desktop App) Screenshots (via the Desktop App)

Flag And Track Time Entries With Ease

Identify Suspicious or Wrong Time Entries

Talgyen's project time tracking tool provides comprehensive information about time entries. Clients and managers can access complete activity statistics and flag wrong or suspicious time entries. Talygen also allows managers to write comments and monitor the status of flagged entries.

Edit Time Entries In Bulk

Quick and Easy Time Entries in Bulk

Timesheet management is no longer time-consuming and energy-draining! Speed up your work with Talygen's online tool for time tracking with video recording. It allows users to enter multiple time entries at once. The immediate manager can move entries to the right project.

Hassle-Free And Flexible Time Tracking

Track Work Hours From the Comfort of Your Home

Talygen's project time tracking mobile application helps you track work hours from the comfort of your home. Now you can access precise information about time spent on different projects hassle-free on any device or location. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Manual Time Tracking

Convenient and Flexible Time Tracking

Enjoy convenient and smarter time tracking with video recording with Talygen's multiple time entry options. The user-friendly integration of the project time management app allows users to enter time spent on work assignments manually and conveniently. No matter if someone forgets to track time, you can still ensure the entire time work is tracked.

Pause And Resume Time Tracker Anytime

Accurate time-tracking with a one-click start and stop option

Track time more efficiently with Talygen software's pause and resume feature. The online time tracker allows users to pause the timer during breaks and restart it when continuing their work from where they stopped. It ensures accurate time tracking by differentiating working and non-working hours.

Offline Time Tracking

Track Employees' Productivity Even During Network Downtime

Talygen's rich offline timekeeping functionality allows you to track, analyze, and manage time even in case of network downtime. The software captures screenshots even in offline mode, and as soon as it gets connected to the internet, it uploads entire offline data to the cloud. So, there is no need to wait for a stable internet connection to track employees' productive and idle time.

Global Time Tracking

Track Time Anytime, from Anywhere Around the World

Say goodbye to your time tracking worries! Get the most out of working hours with Talygen's time tracking software to fulfill your needs. During the registration, users are required to change the default time zone to the current time zone. No matter the location of the users, the software tracks all activities.

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