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The idea of managing events is age-old, however, the concept of using automated online event management software for planning and organizing each stage of an event is completely new and exciting. The comprehensive and smart event planners are the game changers and have made event handling simple and stress-free. Though from event planning to execution, the stages are similar to manual management such as locating a suitable venue, calculating budgets, estimating event capacity, inviting users, and more, but the availability of technology-rich tools have revolutionized the way how events managed.

In the competitive business world, Talygen helps to organize events, invite clients from around the globe, and takes every arrangement to the next level to put a lasting impression on the guests and promote businesses.

With all the exclusive features like establishing event goals, budget, developing master plans, selecting dates, setting up layouts, and many more, Talygen is occupying an important place in the business world. The cloud-based data management in our system eliminates the need for jotting down requirements on paper and keeping it in the pocket all time. Instead, with Talygen's event management project tracker storing bulk event records, monitoring projects, and sharing with clients is all based on cloud services.

Next in the Talygen's event management system, team and employee scheduling for events is automatic. Then the visual planning via Gantt Charts, customized reports, web & mobile accessibility of software, scalability of event, automated alerts, and many more functionalities are united into a single and easy-to-use event management system. The real-time announcements in the form of alerts & notifications update the users about the changes made to the events.

The tailor-made event registration in Talygen provides every business a smarter event management software solution to professionally arrange events with a few clicks.

Top Benefits Of Online Event Management Software

Customized Reminder Notifications Customized Reminder Notifications

Online Event Venue Organizer Online Event Venue Organizer

Event Project Status & Time Tracking Event Project Status & Time Tracking

Easy to Customize Event Floor Plans Easy to Customize Event Floor Plans

Employee Work Schedule Calendar Employee Work Schedule Calendar

Design & Organize Recurring Events Design & Organize Recurring Events

Activity Logger Intuitive Gantt Charts for Visual View

Interactive and Customizable Event Calendar Interactive and Customizable Event Calendar

Easy Sending of Event Invites to Notify Users Easy Sending of Event Invites to Notify Users

Ease to Create Events & Invite Users to participate Ease to Create Events & Invite Users to participate