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In every organization, the project lifecycle contains two integral parts to ensure project success rates: accurate task delegation and the ability to monitor project progress.

Talygen's employee task management software can simplify and automate the task management process that can assist businesses in keeping their projects on time and recording maximum success rates.

Talygen's employee task management software is a web-based solution that simplifies task management and saves time. Talygen has feature-rich functions that can benefit every organization. Companies can use Talygen to help them complete projects and tasks on time.

Talygen features a to-do list, accurate resource allocation, task distribution per expertise and skills, employee task tracking, and progress report creation. It automates the entire process, saving a lot of time and eliminating the task confusion, stress, and chaos created in the entire team that impacts overall productivity.

Talygen is a one-stop solution to effectively and efficiently manage the team's to-do lists, smartly prioritize, delegate, and track all your project tasks. Don't stress about poor task delegation and project prioritization, and implement Talygen's best employee task management software.

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Key Features of Talygen's Employee Task Management Software

Enhance expense reporting Employee database management

quick expense evaluation & approvalTask distribution

Multi-level approval workflowsResource allocation and management

upload bulk expenses Gantt Charts

anytime & anywhere tracking Centralized dashboard

automated expense alerts Real-time visual tracking

simply upload in-bulk expensesTime tracking

expense reimbursementProject deadline management

online expense reporting Seamless communication and collaboration

Workflow and Project Management

Talygen's employee task management software breaks a project into small tasks and assigns the right resource for the right task. It helps to keep things simplified, less confusing, and efficient to keep every team member on the same page. It ensures quick task assignment, and project managers can save a lot of time that could be contributed to other core operations. It also provides a clear overview of how the workflow is getting processed and distributed among the workforce. Furthermore, project managers can easily identify if any employee is overwhelmed or underworking and reassign their tasks instantly. The software ensures a smooth workflow and effective project management.

Task and Resource Scheduling

When a project is broken down into multiple tasks and sub-tasks, it is normal for any task to leak or miss any puzzle piece. This is where the feature-rich functions of Talygen's employee task management software help you effortlessly organize your tasks in a Kanban board and Gantt charts. It provides a clear picture of the organized resource and task workflow, including assigned, unassigned, in-progress, pending, and delayed tasks. You can also get weekly or monthly project progress reports and analyze loopholes. The software allocates the right task to the right employee as per their skills, experience, and proficiency by assigning task prioritization.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is integral to effective project management and keeping every task on time. It allows you to keep a sharp track of every task's progress and ensure delivering quality work alongside chasing deadlines to make your project successful. Talygen's time-tracking software provides a complete picture of the entire project's tasks and resource productivity against targeted deadlines. It allows you to easily analyze the amount of time a task requires and the anticipated troubles resources face so that you can resolve them instantly.

Strategic Task Prioritization

To meet the targeted deadlines, accurate task prioritization performs a crucial role in making a project successful. Talygen's employee task management software helps you strategically prioritize tasks from high to low priority and allocate the right task to the right employee. It ensures keeping every project on time and successfully meeting the targeted deadlines. The software helps easily overcome task prioritization complications so that the workforce will not miss deadlines.

Efficient Task Analysis and Track Progress

Every organization deals with multiple projects at a time and expects the accomplishment of every task. This is how Talygen's employee task tracking helps you track real-time project progress and analyze problem areas on time. As a result, it helps you take decisive actions instantly and ensure efficient task management.

The Perfect Employee Task Management Software for Every Business

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